Burger Avenue is the New Challenge!

Luckily, I got a chance to visit one of the newest burger joints in town, the Burger Avenue, at The Fort Strip, The Fort, Taguig. The first Burger Avenue joint was in A Venue in Makati Avenue, Makati City.

I’ve been targeting this food joint since I read so much about their “Ridiculous Challenge”, and after seeing Rhian Ramos took that challenge, indeed, this is a “must-visit” food joint.

Their store was like the typical burger joint -- eat fast and then leave. But with those burgers that I saw in their tarpaulin, anybody who visits here will surely be spending a lot of time… Wanna know why?

I ordered an Avenue Cheeseburger, French Fries and a soda. The burger itself cost me more than a hundred bucks and the fries cost me almost half the price of the burger. Yeah, it is expensive, I know.

But when the lady called out my name to claim my order –yes again, American-style burger dining—I was amazed by how big the burger and the fries were.

Avenue Cheeseburger – Php130.00

The Burger was as big as my whole hand, and it was really heavy. When I checked inside, there was this big burger bun stuffed with this almost ½-inch-thick grilled patty, looked and smelled really delicious, a thick slice of tomato, almost a chunk of lettuce, the very nice melting cheese and some mouth-watering dressing.

It was really hard to control the drool. Hahaha. But seriously, I thought it was my last supper when I received that burger – the burger alone! It was really, really big. I love it! Hihihi.

French Fries – Php50.00

And as for the French Fries, comparing it to the fries that I bought from McDonalds, Jollibee or Burger King, theirs were not fries but wedges. Thick slices of French Fries that when you hold them upright, they stood really firm which only proved that the fries were dense and really stuffed.

Moving along, I tried their fries first of course – some sort of appetizer thingy for me. They were really good. Perfectly cooked and tasted really nice. It wasn’t that salty nor that raw and dry. With their fries alone, I was already stuffed.

And then the time has come for me to take the challenge of tasting their BIG burger. I’d like to remind you that this was not their biggest burger yet.

So as I open my mouth wide open and sunk in my fangs to take my first bite, I felt like an ant, the burger was just so big. And as I pulled the first piece that I can take off from that monstrous burger; it seemed that I just had a pinch of it, which, as for me, I had a mouthful.

The combination of the vegetables, the melting cheese and the wonderful dressing was sooooooo good. Adding up the delectable grilled patty, it was worth the wait and the cost and the time. I really enjoyed it so much that it took me almost half an hour to finish it – the burger alone! Jeez! Hahahahahaha! I’m such a weakling! Hahahaha!

So for all the burger lovers out there, you must pay a visit to this food joint! The burger was worth every centavo.

But if you're a rice person, like some of my friends, don't worry because they have rice meals that suits to your taste and budget.

Salisbury Steak Rice - Php115.00

It was a fun, heavy night – heavy because after that very yummy meal, I had a hard time to stand up straight and hide my bulging belly! Lols.

Take note that I just had the Avenue Burger and not that intriguing Ridiculous Burger, the one that Rhian Ramos had.

So the next time I’ll visit this place, I’ll make sure that I’m full geared and ready to take the challenge of having the Ridiculous Burger in 5 minutes – the burger with freshly grilled all beef triple patty sandwiched on an oatmeal bun laced with crisp lettuce, juice tomatoes and three cheese slices. And as the say, if you get to finish this Ridiculous Burger in 5 minutes, you’ll get a refund for the said burger, then your name and photo will be taken and will be posted in that Burger Avenue store. Nice!

The Ridiculous Burger - Php270.00  
(photo from burgeravenue.com)

Happy eating!


Burger Avenue
A Venue Mall,
B. Valdez St. corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
729-9108 – for delivery


Burger Avenue
Ground Floor, The Fort Strip, Taguig
970-8277 – for delivery

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