Maki Haus - A Fookien Dining Experience

Situated in the busy city of Quezon, I never thought that I would find an authentic Fookien home-style cooking in this very urbanized city.

With its name “D’Original Maki Haus”, this two-story luncheonette kinda place is very homey and located just in Banawe Street, Quezon City, a block away from Lourdes Church in Retiro (N.S. Amoranto Avenue).

We were accommodated nicely, one reason why I recommend to you, my dear reader, this place.

If you are up to a sumptuous Chinese/Fookien dining experience and at a very reasonable price, visit this one here.

I love Black Gulaman, and I was surprised when they offered me one, in a bottle!

The taste of this bottled black gulaman was good. It tasted homemade and clean. The best thing about this drink was it has real gulaman bits at the bottom, so you must shake it first to really enjoy this drink.

Black Gulaman Php25.00

The first dish I had during my visit here was their “original” Maki noodles.

Maki – Php 95.00

Egg noodles with pork bits come with a thick and very tasteful soup/sauce.

At first, I was quite hesitant to taste it because, first, it looked so good to be ruined. And second, noodles with thick savory soup?! This was really new to me.

As I sip this hot, thick soup, it reminds me of fresh lumpia, or rather the sauce of fresh lumpia. It was really thick that I had to dig in really good to have my scoop of this nice smelling soup, and to my delight, the soup was very tasteful. I can already taste the yummy flavour of pork and egg noodles. It was really good. It wasn’t that sweet or that salty; this soup was just an appetizer.

After that kinda-heavy Maki noodle, we had our main course.

For rice, I had Kiampong. A Chinese fried rice that comes with whole fried peanuts.

Kiampong – Php35.00

This sticky rice was perfect! I really, really liked it! Adding those peanut and onion string, it rice was really exciting to eat!

Then, I had Cha-Mi. To me, it looked and tasted like Lo-Mi, only without its soup. The thick noodles were already a main course, and adding those flavourful pork bits, this course was heavy but good…. And as they usually say, “Keep it coming!”

Cha-Mi – Php125.00

I was also served with Oyster Cake, an oyster omelette cooked in Fookien home-cooking way. This was yummy!

Oyster Cake – Php15.00

Also, on our table was this Fried Squid. What I love about this dish is the tooth-friendly chewiness of the squid and its very delicious dip. It was very good! A must-try dish for seafood-lovers!

Fried Squid – Php185.00

I also got a chance to taste this Steamed Fish Fillet. A simple Chinese dish with a very strong flavor and really pleasant smell.

Steamed Fish Fillet – Php195.00

And the dish that stands out that night was their SIOMAI!

Siomai – Php20.00/piece

It was as big as a Ping Pong ball! And it tasted really, really good!
I love siomai, and I’d say that this, by far, the biggest and most delicious siomai I had.

I felt so lucky that night for having these wonderful dished served to me. My mind and my mouth were still clamouring for dessert but my stomach already said “ENOUGH!” so with my last gulp of Black Gulaman,  I finally put down my spoon and fork and call it an awesome dinner.

It was one dinner that I would never forget, really.

So, if you wanna have some Asian or Chinese cuisine, try Maki Haus. I’m assuring you, you’ll never leave this place unsatisfied.

D’ Original Maki Haus
#683 Banawe Street, Quezon City
411-87-67; 666-14-68

Here’s a copy of their menu. And if you are planning to bring in a big group, they’ll be very glad to offer you their second floor for a more relaxing and fun dining experience.

Happy eating!

More picture here!

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