The Tiger and Wii

Last Saturday I got to attend a very fun and lovely event, the Tiger Energy Biscuit and Nintendo Wii event at SM North EDSA, Annex, Cyberzone area.

The event was attended by mostly kids and their parents and some Wii fans, like me, who love to enjoy sport in a “techie” way.

The event had five different sports for kids to enjoy with.

There were virtual game arenas for tennis, boxing, sword fighting, cycling and basketball where over a hundred players will battle it out to become the Philippine’s First Tiger Virtual Games Champion.

The kid in me kicked in the moment I saw these cool mascot that were entertaining other guests. Oh, I really love mascots!

The fun part was that when I saw the expression of the kids while playing Wii. Oh, they looked so funny, which showed that they were enjoying this fun event.

There were kids who punched as if they were on a boxing ring like Manny Pacquiao and there were some who bat like Serena Williams.

It was so heart warming to see little kids enjoy such event and playing each sport with such sportsmanship.

The day ended with the top three kids on each sport as winners, while the rest got some goodies from Tiger Energy Biscuit.

How I wish I bring someone along to sneak some minutes and play some Wii games. I really, really, wanna have one of those consoles! Hehehe.

Thanks to Tiger Energy Biscuits and Nintendo Wii!

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