Hotdogs Galore

Luckily, I got to attend a fun and exciting event last November 14 at the SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall – The 7-Eleven Big Bite Match.

With 25 competitors vying for the title of the very first Filipino Gurgirator, the event was filled with such an appetizing mood with a lot of free stuff given that day.

Free Slurpee

Free Big Bite Hotdog

The program was hosted by the fantastic duo of Maverick and Ariel, which gave the whole atmosphere more fun and excitement.

Maverick & Ariel

The 25 eating machines were given 10 minutes to munch hotdog sandwiches as much as they can, and a minute to digest all the remaining food in their mouth.

Excitingly, at the end of the 11-minute match, there were two eating machines tied for the first place, having 13 hotdog sandwiches in their tummy.

Tied in the first place were Kyle “The Beast” de Guzman and Leopoldo “Black Hole” Quinto, Jr.

Kyle “The Beast” de Guzman


Leopoldo “Black Hole” Quinto, Jr.

After some few minutes of judges’ counting and deciding about the tie-breaker, they finally decided to give the two eating machines another round of Big Bite Match.

For 5 minutes, they have to munch the five hotdog sandwiches that were prepared to them.

And at the end of the day….

The guy from Baclaran, Leopold “Black Hole” Quinto, Jr got the title and 500,000 pesos!

His fans club (Oh, yes, he had fans with him!) and family were so delighted for his winnings while Kyle and his gang were also happy to take home the 2nd place title and 150,000 pesos cash prize.

As for me, it was such a fun night cheering for the guy I barely know. Hahaha! And I really enjoyed some other free stuff.

Thanks, GMCI and 7-Eleven! More powers and see you all again next year!

More pictures here!

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