Wait For Me, Bicol!

My superfriend Mean just came from Bicol. And I really envy her!!!

I love Philippines, honestly! And one of my greatest dreams is to explore every island, every scenery, every tourist spot and every hidden paradise of it! And one place that I really wanna visit before this year ends is Bicolandia.

Ever since I was I young boy I love looking at the postcard of Mayon Volcano, and now that I’m earning my own money, I MUST and WILL see that spectacular tourist spot.

Another greatest reason why I love traveling is I love eating. One big part whenever I travel is to taste the local delicacies of that place. May it be exotic food or some normal delicacy, I’m game!

Mean gave me Pili Tart as her “pasalubong”. One of the local pastries that I enjoy and love to eat. Thank you, Mean!

Bicolandia is well-known from its spicy dishes. But do not forget that they are also good in sweet foods, and one great example of it is this pili tart. Often times, pili or walnuts we’re fried and then cooked in honey or molasses. Perfect as your dessert, my Mom really enjoys eating pili like this.

But for me, the pili tart is still the best. The pili tart that Mean gave to me is different -- more delicious. It has a peanut butter on it! Ooooh, so yummy!

It's like the Star Kisses of Bohol, only softer.

Pili Tart

Now, I can’t really wait! I wanna go to Bicol, now na! I’ll buy lots of this!
December 27 to 29, 2009, Bicol here I coooooooooooome! Wee!


gneth said...

whos with you? sama ko!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

I'm with my super friends eh.....