Pizza? It’s wrapped!

I had lots of thing to finish last night in the office, and as busy as a bee I was, I don’t have the luxury to have my dinner properly. Plus, my office mate-slash-friend Rio was absent yesterday, so I’m not in the mood to eat out.

Making the situation worse, since I made the Yellow Cab pizza as my desktop’s screensaver, I can’t help but to crave for pizza. I want pizza! I want pizza! I want Pizza!

Sadly, I don’t have enough moolah, and ordering a box of pizza is too much for me.

Note to his self: YOU’RE ON A DIET!

Thankfully, KFC is just around the corner from the office, and they have this new offering!

The Twister Toasted!

KFC Twister Toasted – Php79.00 – ala carte
                                                                         Php 89.00 – with regular soft drinks

When I saw their commercial, I was curious what it taste like. And since I’m a pizza lover and KFC Gogo Ceasar Sandwich lover, too, I tried it last night.

Pizza rolled into a Gogo Sandwich-like dish. It’s like a shawarma, only tasted a lot like pizza and has KFC chicken in it. It also has mozzarella cheese, onion, chicken and beef pepperoni and other “meat-lover pizza” ingredients in it.

I like it! It tastes good, really. It’s quite the same size as their Gogo Sandwich, so I’m glad about it. But for those with big appetite, I don’t think this will be enough for you.

The downside, I just think that it’s quite price-y. Unlike their Gogo Sandwich which is like Php57.00, this one is quite expensive for a food which is something like that. Though, if I’ll base it to their other Toasted Meal, the Cheesy Barbeque Melt, it is almost the same, so no wonder it’s costly.

But if you’re on rush like me, try it, it’s really good. It can be a comfort food, too! And it is easy to eat, not too messy and comes in a very nice package.

I was intoxicated by this meal. It lessens the pressure that I had last night, and with that, I finished all my deadlines.

Thank God!

Happy eating!


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