Halloween Foodies!

Halloween is just around the corner, since I don’t have any invites for a Halloween party, same goes with my Superfriends, we decided to have our FIRST EVER Halloween celebration.

We all agreed to chip in just to have something nice for the coming Halloween, and since we’re on a tight budget and with their kids to party with us, we decided to have a “not-so-scary” party.

I already went to Divisoria to do some listings and window shopping on what to buy for our props and costumes, to go with our theme.

I have listed balloons (orange and black), masks (as part of the theme), and other items like plastic pumpkin baskets, candies and candles.

But on the most important thing in any party, we’re still undecided – THE FOOD!

I told them some ideal food for the party, which is also perfect for the kiddos and here they are:


I told them to that we should have finger foods, so its either we have this one on the picture or Halloween crackers which will match the theme.

Yellow Cab Pizza

My next suggestion is, of course, to have pizza. An 18-inch pizza from Yellow Cab is perfect for us! We’re all pizza lovers! The colors are really perfect for the event.

I also suggested some sweets! Other than the candies and chocolates that we’re planning to have, little chocolate cupcakes with orange icing or orange sprinkle candies on top of it or some topical fruits will be perfect for the occasion.

But, I think, when they know that Krispy Kreme has these cool doughnuts, the Halloween Doughnuts, we’re all agree to have these instead. Hehe.

Krispy sKreme Halloween Doughnuts

Oooooooh, they look so good and very delicious!! Yummy!

And for our drinks, we’re still thinking if we’re going to have wine or other alcoholic drinks….. This a party, come on, guys!


My first suggestion for our drinks is Bloody Mary, really perfect for the occasion, but since we now have kiddos in our group, we’re still thinking what to drink.

I’ll post our pictures here if we’re successful enough to have this Halloween Party.
I just hope that we have a chance to celebrate Halloween this time with their kiddos, because it’ll be really fun!


The Budget!Ampft!
Calling sponsors all over the world! Lols!

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