Some Infos About Mooncake

Last day, we received mooncakes from my Erpat’s Chinese friend. And luckily, I’m already home so I had a chance to talk to him and asked certain things about one of the Chinese's most celebrated holidays, the Zhongqui Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival. This year, based on Western calendar, it fell on October 3rd.

It was said that this tradition was celebrated way back in Tang Dynasty wherein people from China and Vietnam pay respect to the goddess of the moon, Luna. According to my Erpat’s friend, mooncakes where then eaten, a way of offering it to Luna, as per her instructions during Mid-Autumn season. Then gradually, Chinese made it a habit to have mooncakes on their dining table to celebrate this time of season in honor of Luna. Nowadays, mooncakes are given to family and friends as a holiday gift, so as to symbolize close family thighs and reunions for those who are apart.

In some parts of the world, like here in the Philippines, some referred it as the Mooncake Festival or the Lantern Festival, whereas our Filipino-Chinese lighted colourful lanterns as to give respect to the moon on its maximum brightness.

Truly, Chinese traditions, foods, beliefs and even fashion are so symbolic in every way, one of the greatest cultures, indeed, in the world.

Though, I am not a Chinese, I can assure you one thing, this mooncake that my Erpat’s friend gave to us is soooooo yummy. It’s from Salazar Bakeshop, I believe one of the oldest bakeshop in Chinatown.

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