Christmas on a Plate

Let me start by greeting -- Merry Christmas to all!

I love the spirit of Christmas. The northeast monsoon wind that touches my skin at night, it gives me goosebumps in a very nice way, and I really, really love it! It is so exciting!

Oh, yes, with the holiday season fast approaching, let me share to you my own little way on how to the enjoy this coming holiday in a simple and inexpensive way. Most especially on FOOD!

Last night, I saw that there's already a "Bibingka" stand in our subdivision, and the smell of what they are baking there really made me crave for it.

I want a Bibingka!

So, right after my Erpats entered to dreamland, me and my Ermats sneaked out and bought ourselves Bibingka and Puto Bumbong.

Special Bibingka (with cheese and salted egg) - Php35.00

Puto Bumbong (with cheese, coconut milk and sugar) - Php15.00
*must try*

It was so fun to nibble on these dishes, they are so delicious! And so affordable!

I like Bibingka since I was a child and last night's Bibingka was so tasty and perfectly baked. It really brought back happy Christmas memories with my family... with my friends.

On the other hand, I'm not a fan od Puto Bumbong so I don't wanna one. I just finds it so simple unlike Bibingka. But when I saw that they are selling Puto Bumbong with Cheese, I changed my mind. My taste palette automatically loves its new and yummy taste. And with the Puto Bumbong is still hot, the cheese melted on it nicely. Sooooooooo darn yummy!

Me and my Ermats enjoyed last night's sneaking out time. Lols! We had a great time sharing some nice thoughts  about the forthcoming Yuletide season and how hopeful are we for the coming new year... Isn't that nice? :-)

And before we awaken my Erpats, we finishes out plate as clean as if it was just washed. Lols! Oh, well, my Erpats is diabetic,so we don't have any choice but not to share any of it to him. :-)

I just hope that everyone would still be hopeful and may this coming Christmas season will bring smile to their hearts....

Don't lose hope, stand up and fight!
Advance merry Christmas to all!

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