Have You tried Aveneto?

If I’m not mistaken, their first store was the one in Glorietta, Makati. A little place in the heart of business district, which is packed with people from different walks of life E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.

And now that they are branching out, new one in SM San Lazaro, this store has a potential to be one of the famous and most visited food joints in the metro.


Four words: DELICOUS and soooooooo AFFORDABLE.

Me and my super friends were so happy when got to taste some of Aveneto’s sumptuous meals. I’ve been to their stores in Makati and in Pasig, so I’m quite familiar with the dishes that they are offering. But now that I’m with my super friends, this dining experience makes more fun and really good.

First dish, my ever-so love Carbonara with Chicken, really one of their bests and MY FAVORITE!

Carbonara with Chicken – Php285.00

The thick white sauce which was so tasteful on the al dente pasta that you’ll surely scoop the last strand of pasta on your plate and that little piece of bread always hit my gastrointestinal craving right on its very spot. SO PERFECT!

You may share this to two to three friend. Unfortunately for my friends, I can finish this whole plate alone. Lols.

The second dish that I love from this joint was their Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. Though, it may look plain and typical pizza, don’t be deceived, because this pizza will be on your top pizza faves once you suck in its kick-in-the-ass flavour! Adults and kids alike will love this. A burger and pizza in one, not a bad idea, eh?

Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza (16 inches) – Php420.00

And lastly, the new addition to my Avento’s fave dishes, the Buffalo Wings.

Buffalo Wings – Php155.00

What’s made this simple dish so lip-smacking is the caramel sauce on it. It is sweet that it balances the salty taste of the chicken itself. And with Aveneto’s special dip, which has sharp and sour taste, perfectly blended, this dish is soooooo yummy!

Oh, everything is so likeable in here!
The food, the service and price! It is so fantastic!
I love eating here.

As my food adventure motto goes: Delicious foods are the affordable ones!

Buon Appetito!

Here’s a copy of Aveneto’s menu list.

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edelweiza said...

i so love a veneto and its carbonara with chicken! the best talaga! and you're right, it's super affordable. :)