Hello, Allergy, I'm back!

Last night, I went to Rosario, Pasig to witness the celebration of their town feast. But, unluckily, because of the damages caused by Typhoon Ondoy, I had a hard time arriving there early. I didn’t get a chance to witness the parade of their patron saint; I didn’t get a chance to witness their Gay Basketball game; and I didn’t get a chance to see the colourful town despite of the catastrophe that hit the town.

But, of course, even though I was soooooooooo late, I’m very sure that there’s this one thing that will wait for me.

Oh, yeah, the mouth-watering food, lip-smacking and finger-licking!

Too bad again, the whole Pasig has no electricity by the time arrived there.
But having a candle-light dinner is not bad, so without further ado, I washed my hands and dived into the dishes that my aunt prepared for me.

First, I had this crispy pork chops. Marinated pork then deep fried. Yummy!

Pork Chop

Lucky me, the skin was still crunchy and the meat was really tasteful!

Next, I had this dish that she experimented to cook. Mixed vegetables and quail eggs cooked in oyster sauce and some “secret ingredients”. That is according from my aunt. Hehe.

Mixed Vegetable with Quail Eggs

And the most dangerous meal, for me, and so tempting to eat, SHRIMP! Blanched then cooked with oyster sauce and Maggi Magic Sarap. Ooooooooooh! Perfect!

Shrimp cooked in Oyster Sauce

I looooooove shrimps and lobsters and other seafood, but I’m allergic to them. And last night, I cannot control the urge to taste them. And bravely, I ate 6 pieces. Six big shrimps! Wee!

As I’m taking off the shell of the shrimps, to be honest, I feel like a young boy who is planning a naughty act to my younger sister. Lols! And it felt so good! Just kidding! Really, it felt and it taste so good. (and now, itchy.)

I really, really, really, love shrimp!

And lastly, for my dessert or "desserts", I had chocolates, homemade gelatine with pineapple tid-bits and fruit salad! Oh, and a slice of chocolate cake!

Gelatine with Pineapple tid-bits

What a cute pink food!

And as I perform my last act of indulging to this sumptuous dishes, the angels started to sing*...

♫ Feels like heaven….♫
♫ Feels like heaven….♫
♫ Feels like heaven….♫
♫ Feels like heaven….♫

And then.....

There was darkness….

Jeez, the candle was blown out by the strong wind!

Happy Fiesta to Rosario, Pasig!
I hope y’all recover soon!
Thanks, too, to my Aunt and Uncle!

And thanks to you for reading this!
Keep your mouth shut, you’re drooling! Lols!

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