April 30, 2011

Samsung Series 9 Notebook In Perspective Exhibit

Does it ever occur to you to have your most favourite toy, dress, place or even gadget be the source of your creative outpour? Does it ever happen that you picked this item and made one spectacular project or idea out of it? In Samsung Series 9 Notebook In Perspective, out of this sexiest, thinnest and brightest notebook comes an eye-catching exhibit that you can take a glimpse at Rockwell Mall from April 28 to May 1.

Presented by Metro Home, My Home and Real Living, if you saw how the Philippine's top three designers came up with collections inspired by Samsung Series 9 Notebook, well, these three publications together with My Home's editor-in-chief Jie Pambid, came up with sexy, thin and bright home designs that you'll surely love.

Take a peak as I share to you these pictures that I took during its ribbon-cutting event last April 28.

Gotta Try that Reyes Barbecue Potluck Party Treats!

Having party can make you whole life go crazy. You need to check the invitations, guests, venue, schedules, decorations and the most important - FOOD! That's why it's somehow good to know that Reyes Barbecue came up with this great idea to help out people like me who are so poor in organizing parteeh!

Let me present to you Reyes Barbecue's Bilaos!

Yep, our favorite local dishes are up for grabs from our favourite barbecue joint! Enjoy their take on Pansit Canton, Garlic Sotanghon and Spaghetti, which are available in orders for 4 to 6 people.

April 28, 2011

Some Holyweek Pictures

I just wanna share some of the stuff that I did during the holiday. And when I say "some of the stuff" most of that involves my favorite hobby now - aside from blogging - PHOTOGRAPHY.

I had a photography class back in college, but I can't remember the lessons we had back then, so I'm very sure that these photos are just mere product of boredom. Hehehe.

Without further ado, let me share to you the photos I took for this year's Lenten Season.

April 27, 2011

Catch My SuperFruit Day in SM Mall of Asia

Summer is time to eat healthy food because admit it or not, we wanna look good in our summer attires while strolling along the beach or just backpacking with your friends. And with this year's hottest healthy food event to hit the metro, it time to get ready and join the fun of My SuperFruit Day!

Spearheaded by Dole, a leading name to delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, this fun and healthy whole-day affair will be happening at SM Mall of Asia this coming May 7, 2011!

Get a glimpse of the wonderful mix of colors through the magnificent displays of fresh fruits and vegetables along side the exciting activities and events that await to those who will grace this event.

Samsung Corby II - Fashion Nation

Yes, it is back! And with lovely colors that girls would love to carry around and sleeker features and design that boys can enjoy having, Samsung Corby II is indeed the latest fashionista must-have to fit in with this season's color, style and trend.

And last week, to go with what's in and what's hot, Samsung Electronics Philippines in partnership with Forever21 held the Corby Fashion Nation. Guest from different parts of the metro and nearby provinces who were at SM Megamall got a sample of what's in store for someone who'll buy the Samsung Corby II.

Manicure station, mini salon, Forever 21 mini boutique, a cafe and a photobooth where one can be photographed with a Samsung Corby II on their hands where stationed at the activity center of SM Megamall to give every guest a quick makeover to match with this season's hottest gadget.

April 26, 2011

McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop 2011 is ON!

As the summer heat continues burning the street of metropolis, it makes every child's summer vacation more boring. But would you let you sons and daughters experience that if you can enroll them to a fun-filled activity like the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop?

Yes, it's that time of the year where kids age 6 to 12 can experience the fun of greeting guests, manning the restaurant and drive-thru counters through on-floor trainings, showcase their skills through creative art workshops and learn the importance of different values, such as hardwork, discipline and teamwork, through values formation lessons in this nationwide and much-awaited McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop.

2AM will be here in Manila!

The band behind the K-Pop hit "This Song" is about to conquer the metropolis as they are about to meet and greet their fans here in Manila for a four-day tour. Carrying their latest album "Saint O'Clock", the group will be at Megaworld Corporation's Eastwood Mall, Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill and Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila this week!

I first encountered this group through this Youtube video that showcases the funny sides of 2pm ( a more popular K-Pop group). This video is really funny considering the built of these guys and their acts, which are all so manly.

Samsung AV Roadshow 2011

If you are a huge Samsung fan like me - you like their Plasma, LCD and LED TVs, you like their touchscreen, android and tab mobile gadgets and you like their digital cameras, well, this Samsung AV Roadshow dubbed as "Spectrum of Togetherness" is the event that you've been looking for. Did I say it is H-E-A-V-E-N?!

I'm so happy that I got to attend Samsung Electronics Philippines recently concluded AV Roadshow 2011. This very successful event showcased the best of the best from Samsung - from their plasma, LCD, LED TVs and its accessories to their mobile gadgets to their latest digital cameras - everything was there making our eyes pop and our mouth hung with amazement.

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I must say that I have a well-spent Lenten Season and even though I spent it here in Manila - in our home, with my family and not in some tourist-crowded place like the beach - I'd say that I enjoyed it and as well as learned a lot from it.

To some Lent is a season to breakout from the toxicity of their jobs, well, that's just the same with me. But in my case Lent is also a season to bond with my family and with our God. And this Easter Sunday, despite of almost 28 years of existence here in the world - precisely here in Tondo, Manila - I had my first experience of witnessing the "Salubong" the Tondo way.

For those who are clueless, "Salubong" is procession held at the dawn of Easter Sunday, which is believed that on the third day of the death of Jesus Christ, Mary saw an angel and told her that Christ has risen. On this "Salubong" two processions were held, one for Mary and one for the resurrected Christ. The two processions will meet at the gate of the church where the crowd of people are waiting eagerly. It is said that "Salubong" marks the beginning of Easter celebration.

April 19, 2011

Blush: A New Color to the Music World

Composed of five girls from five different countries - Natsuko from Japan, Ji Hae from South Korea, Alisha from India, Victoria from China and our very own Angeli from the Philippines - these five girls are on their way to make it to the top adding a splash of talent, beauty and grace to every human being in the world one BLUSH at a time.

I got a chance to meet them in person during their visit here in the Philippines, and even though I was quite doubtful as to what these five young girls can give to us that one hot afternoon, I took a time to listen to their songs and see their moves. And to be honest, these five girls has a big possibility to steal the spotlight from the world and make us all Asians very proud.

Wall Fountains All Over the Place

I've been attending events for quite some time now. I've been to a lot of events places, from condominium units, clubs and hotels, and I'm always admired by their unique furniture pieces. And if there's one furniture that really catches my attention that would be the water fountains. Since the the creation of Japanese Zens and making it a must-have home decor, a lot of houses and the places I've mentioned above have been installing water fountains.

One common fountain that I noticed and I know that you would noticed too are the wall fountains, probably because it don't requires huge spaces in you area and most of the time it give life to a boring corner or can be used as a divider in your space.

Thermal Clothing for All Seasons!

Thermal clothing is an absolute necessity during winter. It not only can keep you warm and toast during the harsh weather, but it also can prevent you from getting yourself a serious case of pneumonia and hypothermia.

It is important for you to keep yourself warm during winter. Having a few pairs of thermal clothing in the wardrobe can never do you any harm. In fact, you might find it useful, especially on rainy or snowy days where doing laundries is absolutely impossible.

April 17, 2011

Venus Raj + Cream Silk = Straight Long Hair!

I guess it is to everyone's knowledge now how the very beautiful and very sexy Venus Raj is keeping her beautiful and healthy hair. With her latest Cream Silk commercial showing her long, beautiful and straight hair keeps getting better and better, doesn't every girl in the universe wanna use Cream Silk everyday?

But from the demands of her blossoming career that entails her to sport various looks to suit different roles, just like the time I saw her and got a chance to be photographed with her, I wonder does Cream Silk really does this to Venus Raj?

April 14, 2011

Magnolia Ice Cream - Summer Bloggers' Party

With its come back, Magnolia Ice Cream celebrated it re-birth together with the coolest bloggers in town (ehem-ehem) to promote and share their summer-beater offerings that Filipino families will truly enjoy!

Happened at Executive Dining Room of San Miguel Corporation in Ortigas Center, all the guests were treated to a night of colorful and amazing exhibitions and treats that chilled us and made us feel welcome to the San Miguel-Magnolia Ice Cream family.

April 13, 2011

...on Kris Aquino's My Heart's Journey

It's been a week now, and I'm still listening to Kris Aqunio's latest album My Heart's Journey. I'd be lying if I say that I'm a fan of her and I bought her album. It was actually given to us during her presscon at Anabel's last week. It was part of the souvenir to us. I was invited there to cover the presscon and it was my first time to cover an album launch, so I'm not really familiar with what will happen that afternoon.

At first, when the album was handed to me, I was just like, okay, thanks! I heard some of the songs featured in this album on ASAP that Sunday so I'm quite expecting that I'd like the album. But when I went home and listened to the whole album... I just didn't liked it, I loved it!

Consisted of 15 beautiful tracks, and 7 phases in where Kris shared some heart-warming thoughts and stories about her life, buying this album is somehow worth every peso.

I know some of you would be laughing on this blog, but let me tell you this, wait til you hear the singles from KC Concepcion, Christian Baustista, Jed Madela, Karylle, Gail Blanco, Regine Velasquez, Lani Misalucha, ZsaZsa Padilla, Nina and my favorite singer from this album Toni Gonzaga, I know that you'll be coming to me to say that yeah, this album is good.

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