Magnolia Ice Cream - Summer Bloggers' Party

With its come back, Magnolia Ice Cream celebrated it re-birth together with the coolest bloggers in town (ehem-ehem) to promote and share their summer-beater offerings that Filipino families will truly enjoy!

Happened at Executive Dining Room of San Miguel Corporation in Ortigas Center, all the guests were treated to a night of colorful and amazing exhibitions and treats that chilled us and made us feel welcome to the San Miguel-Magnolia Ice Cream family.

Part of the program was for Magnolia Team to share these Frozen Delights to us. These summer treats are now available in the market, and believe it or not, they are made more affordable so that all the ice cream lovers can truly enjoy these Magnolia Ice Cream that we all love since then.

Velasco Brothers also gave a wowing presentation that heat up the night a little bit.

Very nice, right?

I also got a chance to take a snapshot with these cute girls that made the guy-bloggers on their feet. Hehehe.

Oh, it so nice to have again that one food that you enjoyed when you were a kid, and with Magnolia being back in the market, I know that the "gap" between the old generation and the new generation will somehow gone because we will all be sharing cool, yummy treats that won't hurt our pocket.

Thank you, Magnolia and welcome back!


elmerlovesoreo said...

Lakas makahakot ng sponsor ha! Wahehehe. Nice blog, nice article! Keep it up!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Hahaha! Hindi ko naman sial sponsor, nainvite lang po ako sa event nila. ^_^