Samsung AV Roadshow 2011

If you are a huge Samsung fan like me - you like their Plasma, LCD and LED TVs, you like their touchscreen, android and tab mobile gadgets and you like their digital cameras, well, this Samsung AV Roadshow dubbed as "Spectrum of Togetherness" is the event that you've been looking for. Did I say it is H-E-A-V-E-N?!

I'm so happy that I got to attend Samsung Electronics Philippines recently concluded AV Roadshow 2011. This very successful event showcased the best of the best from Samsung - from their plasma, LCD, LED TVs and its accessories to their mobile gadgets to their latest digital cameras - everything was there making our eyes pop and our mouth hung with amazement.

And the star of the day - Samsung's SMART TV.

Three rooms, three great features - that's how they presented it to us. And we were left with nothing but admiration towards this latest innovation from Samsung.

First Room: Smart TV goes!

Yes, just like a home with a bigger window, Smart TV offers a wider look at the world as it gives a Search All -Web Browser-Social TV experience. Peeping to any social networks and searching about something made more fun with Samsung Smart TV.

Second Room: Smart TV goes 3D Cinema!

If you are still not happy with the movie experience that your Samsung LED TV is giving you, then switch to Smart TV for it will not just give you an amazing cinema experience at the comfort of your home, but a 3D movie and 2D to 3D movie experience that you and your family and friends can truly enjoy. Of course, that's with the lightest 3D glasses that you can find in the market now. Nice, right? ^_^

Third Room: Smart TV goes Picture Perfect!

If you want nothing but the best Samsung gadget, the very handy NX11 Compact Camera and SH100 Digital Camera will complete the list of your Samsung must-have gadget for 2011.

Who would've thought that the idiot box which used to sit in our living rooms can be this smart, right? And if you think that's all, well, let me surprise you too just the way I was surprised when I exited the last room.

A roomful of Samsung products welcomed me that made my heart beats faster. Hahaha! I love it!


Home Theaters, Blurays and Television Accessories

Cameras and Camcorders

Part of this whole AV Roadshow was this small program that entertains our queries about these amazing products, which we can expect from Samsung this year.

It's been one great show - an unbelievable show that I'm sure tech-addicts and Samsung fans are so eager to experience. A remarkable breakthrough at every heartbeat, that's what Samsung is sharing to us, and I'm so delighted that I have my own dose of Samsung. ^_^

To know more about these items, feel free to visit for specs and other details.

Thank you, Samsung! Keep it up!
Til next year! ^_^


elmerlovesoreo said...

Wow! Samsung is indeed becoming the brand of choice by a large number of Pinoys!

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Yeah, sinabi mo pa! I'm a Samsung sure and very happy and proud about it. ^_^

Energy said...

Tama kayo, I guess, Samsung is really reaching the top spot in Consumer Electronics, hindi lang sa Pinas, but all over the world. Great job and more power.