Blush: A New Color to the Music World

Composed of five girls from five different countries - Natsuko from Japan, Ji Hae from South Korea, Alisha from India, Victoria from China and our very own Angeli from the Philippines - these five girls are on their way to make it to the top adding a splash of talent, beauty and grace to every human being in the world one BLUSH at a time.

I got a chance to meet them in person during their visit here in the Philippines, and even though I was quite doubtful as to what these five young girls can give to us that one hot afternoon, I took a time to listen to their songs and see their moves. And to be honest, these five girls has a big possibility to steal the spotlight from the world and make us all Asians very proud.

Blush, literally meaning an emotional sensation with a physical reaction, most notably to anticipation, excitement or love, is a young girl group created by FarWest Entertainment. From a region-wide talent search spanning across Southeast Asia last year, Mr. Jon Nierman gathered these five young girls from different parts of Asia to showcase the tremendous tale Asia has to offer to the world.

And now, after some more voice and dance coaching, Natsuko, Ji Hae, Alisha, Victoria and Angeli are now ready to rock the music scene of Asia and the whole world, and make all the young boys blush with their moves.

Here are some clips of their performance during the press launch:

I'd say that Angeli, coming from Philippine talent search Pinoy Pop Superstar of Regine Velasquez, is kinda used to the Philippine media. She looks so natural, very lovable in person and has a really great voice.


While, Ji Hae, my favourite member so far, has this diva-ish voice that will definitely take the group to a whole new level.

Ji Hae

Natsuko, as I noticed, the total fashionista and the rapper of the group, has this edgy appeal that is perfect for the Pop-Rock genre.


Alisha's cute and Disney Channel-appeal will serve as a balancer to the edgy look of Natsuko, and I think she will be loved my a lot of little girls because of her sweet and bubbly image.


And lastly, Victoria has a sophisticated look like Victoria of Spice Girls that high-fashion girls will surely adore.


I like how I can easily differentiate one from the other. And even though they resemble a lot to a Korean pop group, I think with a little twitch in their fashion statement, and they will go a long way. In the first place, they have a wonderful voice that will make the young girls shriek and the young boys awe.

Good luck, girls! Make us Asians proud!
Girl power! ^_^


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