September 30, 2009

one yummy PAY-DAY treat

One Pay day Wednesday, I and my officemates Rio and Adie decided to locate a food joint that will fill our angry stomach. Since its payday and we don’t wanna spend our “hard-earned money” on just “some” lunch, so we decided to enter someone else’s building in Makati and get  decent lunch in one of their hidden food shops.

Our stop, RCBC Plaza. Located at Ayala corner Gil Puyat Avenue here in Makati, believe it or not, this place offers some food shops that will surely fill your hungry stomach even if you are on a tight budget.

We dined at World Tops, famous for their sumptuous rice meals with a unique touch from different continents of the world; we took the plunge and tried their delicious offerings.

My officemate, Rio, ordered Adobong Pusit. Rice topped with a hot-from-the-stove adobong pusit and a big green pepper and a glass of ripe mango juice. While me and Adie, since we are on a “diet”, we ordered this Saturn’s Ribe-eye Steak Burger with Cheese and a glass of Coke Zero for me and a glass of mango juice for Adie.

Honestly, I’m not expecting to be full with my order and I’m not expecting a sumptuous meal since I know that this place is famour for their rice meal. BUT I WAS WRONG.

The burger looks nice and yummy from the look of it, and once you sunk your teeth to this mouth-watering burger, you’ll know that you’ve got your tastiest meal of the day, valuing your hard-earned money.

Saturn Rib-eye Steak Burger with Cheese- Php130.00

The juicy and tenderly cooked steak was matched perfectly with the fresh, crispy TLC (Tomato, Lettuce and Cucumber). The bread, though, I believe was just bought from some bakeshop, is somehow fine. And with the added ingredients like the cheese and dressing, this burger is really good and so yummy!

While, Rio, a very slim lady who loves to eat rice, was also satisfied with what she had. The smoking Adobong Pusit smells good. And with the way Rio finished her bowl of this meal, I believe that she had a great experience too dining here.

 Adobong Pusit - Php130.00

I didn’t expect that with a price like that, you’ll get to taste one scrumptious meal here. I can proudly say that I had a full stomach and happy pocket after we dined here at World Tops.

Here's a shot of their menu list.

 Expect more of my food adventures soon!

September 29, 2009

a clean WATER will do

It's time to HELP.
It's time to DONATE.
a CLEAN WATER will do. 

Kindness is the language 
which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. 
 ~Mark Twain

September 25, 2009

Cebu's Lechon – The Best!

If you have plans on having a great adventure in Cebu, (as me and my 3 friends did!), may it be a food trip or just simply be captivated by the astonishing beauty of the Queen City of the South, make sure that you’ll not leave this place not tasting Cebu’s one of finest and mouth-watering meals, the lechon or roasted pig.

I have a friend who just visited Cebu and she really made sure that I kept in my mind to have a taste of this sumptuous meal, and hell, yeah, when it comes to food, that’s first on my list.

She said that one of the best places in where we can eat this sumptuous meal is in CnT, a canteen just right behind SM Cebu.

They have a spacious area and very Cebuano ambiance that is just perfect for big family or group of friends. They also have a parking space downstairs which is good for a canteen like this. And at the minute you step your foot in, you'll surely smell this delicious meal, for once, this is their main selling food.

1/2 kilo of Lechon - Php240.00

We arrived at CnT at around 1pm and since we are still full from our late breakfast buffet from our hotel, we just ordered 1/2 kilo. Then we also had 4 crab omelets and 3 fresh spring rolls (one of my friend is not a fan of veggies).

Crab Omelet - Php12.00 per piece

Fresh Spring Rolls - Php7.00 per piece

We really enjoyed our late lunch here at CnT. The kinda salty and so crispy skin of the pig is really delicious. And their homemade sauce is perfect for this dish.

My friends also love the crab omelet, and as for me, since I'm a veggie person lately, I like the fresh spring rolls. And with a price like that, this place is surely perfect for your budget.

So, try it now!

Oh, before I forgot, eat moderately, ayt!

September 24, 2009

UAAP & NCAA Fanatics, Attack!

The leader in wireless communication once again proved that “nobody, nobody, can beat them” (clap-clap, point, clap-clap, point)!

The program was hosted by 89.9 Magic's Boy's Nightout DJs, DJ Sam YG, DJ Rick Slick and DJ Tony Toni.

DJ Sam YG, DJ Rick Slick and DJ Tony Toni

Students of member schools of the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) gathered in a festive inter-university blowout mounted this weekend by leading wireless Internet provider Smart Bro.

Worthy of a Guinness record title, the huge crowd turn-out in “B Free Day” reached peak excitement as 10,000 units of Smart Bro prepaid wireless modems or ‘dongles’ were given away for free to the students, a first in the marketing initiatives by a wireless broadband company in the country.

This is in line with Smart Bro’s partnership with the two premier collegiate sports leagues, which produced limited editions of Smart Bro Plug Its, dongles designed with the sports team monickers of UAAP and NCAA member schools. These are Adamson University, Ateneo, La Salle, FEU, National University, UE, UST and UP for UAAP. The NCAA member schools are College of St. Benilde (CSB), Jose Rizal University, Letran, Mapua, San Beda, San Sebastian, Philippine Christian University (on leave), and University of Perpetual Help.

This first-of-its kind event was a fitting get-together for students as the collegiate sports season moved towards heated final playoffs that will decide the fate of their school teams.

Held at the Megatent in Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City, “B Free Day” thrilled the student crowd with back-to-back performances by popular rock bands Sandwich, Hale and Spongecola; raffle draws; and games and treats reminiscent of school fairs such as bail out jail booth, balloon darts, ball toss, back massages, burgers, beverages and other sponsors’ freebies—all beginning with the letter ‘b’.



It was indeed a fun-filled free day that all of the attendees experienced.

Now, I can’t wait to use my free Smart Broadband! Wee!

Thanks, SMART!

September 23, 2009

Dan Brown is Back!

The third instalment of Robert Langdon's adventure on discovering and giving a clearer meaning on signs and symbols in this new world is now back on Dan Brown's fifth book "The Lost Symbol".

It was a fun night as National Bookstore unleashes the secret behind the black cloth on its midnight launch of this much awaited book of the year.

Hosted by Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto-Valdez, the very anticipating night was filled with laughter and freebies as they present to the country this another captivating work that will surely shake the world again.

Personally, one of the reason why attended this event was because of hosts. I’m kinda a fan/Twitter follower of this fashionable duo. I really love how they wow the crowd and give that really good impression.

Tessa, wearing this colourful gown with a big flower is really a head turner. The very pretty powdery colourful gown was matched perfectly with colourful beaded accessories, jeweled belt and a little and colorful headdress that were truly a Tessa Prieto-Valdez style.

While, on the other hand, Tim Yap has a more casual getup. Wearing a grey and white polo shirt, grey denim pants and white sneaker, Tim Yap’s style look simpler, though, still fashionable.

It was my first time to meet them, and it is really a great pleasure to see them in person. Philippine fashion would be boring without them two.

And with their nice attitude, no wonder why there’s a lot of people like them so much!

BTW, National Bookstore is selling this book on a much cheaper price. So go and get your copy! Now na!

Thanks to Tim Yap, he gave me a copy of The Lost Symbol.

September 22, 2009

One Loud Yee-haw at Texas Roadhouse Grill

If you are up for one heavy and sumptuous meal, look no more, because I assure you that Texas Roadhouse will fill that empty stomach with their delectable meals.

I had a wonderful time visiting this joint at El Pueblo, Pasig. The ambiance is really great. They have adorable and accommodating staff that will really make your feel invited. And the best of all, though, some may say that their meals are quite pricey, I will guarantee you that it is worth every peso. You will surely leave this place with a heavy stomach and yet still looking forward for your next visit.

PLATE ONE: The first meal that I loved on their menu is their famous The Great Ribeye Steak. A plate of one mouth-watering steak and perfectly cooked veggie and mashed potatoes, I may sound too greedy, but I really ate it all. LOLS.

The Great Ribeye - Php 1100.00

PLATE TWO: For my next meal, I had this Shrimp & Salmon Skewer. If you are a rice-y person, this is perfect for you, especially if you love seafood. One good thing about this meal is the lemon and butter sauce which really balanced the entire meal. The rice is really tasteful that you’ll surely enjoy this unique seafood meal.

Shrimp & Salmon Skewer - Php420.00

PLATE THREE: If you and you’re friends just wanna hangout, Texas Roadhouse is also a perfect place for you guys, because they have this Jesse James Sampler, a plate of finger food, which is perfect for a group of three to four. In this plate, they combined, spicy chicken, cheese rolls and kinda tempura, each comes with their sauces to enjoy it more.

Jesse James Sampler - Php375.00

PLATE FOUR: Is the dessert plate. I have a sweet tooth, and this plate really complete my splendid experience here in Texas Roadhouse. The Mighty Oreo Mud Pie, as what they call in, is like a big slice of cake, but do not be deceive because it is an chocolate ice cream with Oreo cookie crust. This must be on your list of “MUST-TRY” in this joint. It is so delicious!

Mighty Oreo Mud Pie - Php225.00

Now, maybe all your doubts are gone, thinking why I’m insisting that I had a great time in Texas Roadhouse. With these four plates of delectable meals, I can’t wait for my next visit here soon. VERY SOON!

Maybe next time, I’ll bring my family here. They have a very good appetite for this kind of heavy meals, I’m sure they’ll love as I love this joint.

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