Cebu's Lechon – The Best!

If you have plans on having a great adventure in Cebu, (as me and my 3 friends did!), may it be a food trip or just simply be captivated by the astonishing beauty of the Queen City of the South, make sure that you’ll not leave this place not tasting Cebu’s one of finest and mouth-watering meals, the lechon or roasted pig.

I have a friend who just visited Cebu and she really made sure that I kept in my mind to have a taste of this sumptuous meal, and hell, yeah, when it comes to food, that’s first on my list.

She said that one of the best places in where we can eat this sumptuous meal is in CnT, a canteen just right behind SM Cebu.

They have a spacious area and very Cebuano ambiance that is just perfect for big family or group of friends. They also have a parking space downstairs which is good for a canteen like this. And at the minute you step your foot in, you'll surely smell this delicious meal, for once, this is their main selling food.

1/2 kilo of Lechon - Php240.00

We arrived at CnT at around 1pm and since we are still full from our late breakfast buffet from our hotel, we just ordered 1/2 kilo. Then we also had 4 crab omelets and 3 fresh spring rolls (one of my friend is not a fan of veggies).

Crab Omelet - Php12.00 per piece

Fresh Spring Rolls - Php7.00 per piece

We really enjoyed our late lunch here at CnT. The kinda salty and so crispy skin of the pig is really delicious. And their homemade sauce is perfect for this dish.

My friends also love the crab omelet, and as for me, since I'm a veggie person lately, I like the fresh spring rolls. And with a price like that, this place is surely perfect for your budget.

So, try it now!

Oh, before I forgot, eat moderately, ayt!

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