Dan Brown is Back!

The third instalment of Robert Langdon's adventure on discovering and giving a clearer meaning on signs and symbols in this new world is now back on Dan Brown's fifth book "The Lost Symbol".

It was a fun night as National Bookstore unleashes the secret behind the black cloth on its midnight launch of this much awaited book of the year.

Hosted by Tim Yap and Tessa Prieto-Valdez, the very anticipating night was filled with laughter and freebies as they present to the country this another captivating work that will surely shake the world again.

Personally, one of the reason why attended this event was because of hosts. I’m kinda a fan/Twitter follower of this fashionable duo. I really love how they wow the crowd and give that really good impression.

Tessa, wearing this colourful gown with a big flower is really a head turner. The very pretty powdery colourful gown was matched perfectly with colourful beaded accessories, jeweled belt and a little and colorful headdress that were truly a Tessa Prieto-Valdez style.

While, on the other hand, Tim Yap has a more casual getup. Wearing a grey and white polo shirt, grey denim pants and white sneaker, Tim Yap’s style look simpler, though, still fashionable.

It was my first time to meet them, and it is really a great pleasure to see them in person. Philippine fashion would be boring without them two.

And with their nice attitude, no wonder why there’s a lot of people like them so much!

BTW, National Bookstore is selling this book on a much cheaper price. So go and get your copy! Now na!

Thanks to Tim Yap, he gave me a copy of The Lost Symbol.

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Anonymous said...

malupet tong the lost symbols na to. ang galing talaga ni pareng DAN.