Ocean Park Hong Kong: The Ultimate Resort Destination to Experience The Best of Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong, one of Asia's most iconic resort destinations, invites you to experience the beauty of Hong Kong through its exhilarating rides, up-close animal encounters, and thoughtfully-designed exhibits that combine fun with education.

“With the addition of Water World Ocean Park and two five-star resort hotels, Ocean Park Hong Kong now offers visitors a unique and holistic leisure and entertainment experience. Recognising the trend towards green tourism and cultural immersion, we have also seized the opportunity to fulfil our mission of promoting conservation and education. Through fun and meaningful experiences, we aim to connect visitors with nature and raise awareness of ecological conservation," said Ivan Wong, Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation. 

 Ivan Wong, Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation

Adrenaline-pumping rides 

For thrill-seeking visitors, Ocean Park offers an exhilarating line-up of world-class rides. One of the Park's jewels is the Wild Twister, a high-speed ride that send visitors swinging and spinning on individual seats, delivering a euphoric rush of adrenaline. Another fan-favourite is the signature Hair Raiser, a roller coaster that hurtles, plunges, loops and dangles visitors around at a massive 4G, with the wind in their hair. These must-try amusement rides promise breathtaking loops and stunning views!
Cultural heritage and must-see festive events

Ocean Park Hong Kong connects visitors from different parts of the world with unique cultural experiences. Journeying back in time with Neon Lights Up Old Hong Kong, visitors get to experience an immersive spectacle of neon signs and a fascinating neon lighting show, live performances, Canto-pop music, and an interactive starlight bingo game. Don’t forget to explore the nostalgic snack stalls and enjoy authentic Hong Kong street snacks, including the world-famous Hong Kong-style egg waffles, fish balls and milk tea, all in one place.
The Park's various festive events are also not to be missed! The highlights include the Summer Splash 2024, which will be held in July and August, featuring over 90 activities, performances and photo spots for everyone to enjoy and welcome the hot summer holidays!
In September and October, the Park will welcome visitors with its renowned Halloween Fest 2024. From kids-friendly day-time spooky fun to spine-tingling night-time surprises and haunted houses with terrifying themes, the Ocean Park Halloween Fest invites the brave and curious to embark on a bone-chilling adventure. 
Embrace conservation with adorable animal ambassadors

Giving visitors the opportunity to get up close with charming animal ambassadors, Ocean Park Hong Kong now presents 20 animal habitats, each delivering different conservation messages. From giant pandas, meerkats, Sichuan snub-nosed golden monkeys, penguins, seals, sea lions to dolphins, and more, these animal ambassadors not only captivate visitors with their adorable looks, but also take on the responsibility of inspiring visitors to protect the environment in daily life.
The newly unveiled Croco Land gives visitors the chance to discover the importance of protecting local diversity through meeting Passion, the non-native crocodile found and rescued in the yard of a village house.
Additionally, witness the magic of AI as the gentle sloths become art icons and star in famous masterpieces like Mona Lisa and The Scream at the all-new Sloth and Friends Studio! It’s all about raising awareness for the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN Red List), and inspiring people to help reverse the extinction trend.
For animal lovers who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of different species and the threats they face, be sure to check out Ocean Park Hong Kong’s Get Closer to the Animals series. You'll have the opportunity to interact closely with the Park’s beloved animal ambassadors and expand your knowledge about ecosystems and biodiversity.
Creating an international resort with the addition of Water World Ocean Park and two major hotels

Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong, which opened its doors to the public in September 2021, complements Ocean Park with 27 indoor and outdoor facilities across five beautiful themed zones built on the hillside and oceanfront. Whether you're looking for a relaxing family experience or a jaw-dropping adventure with friends, you can find the perfect fit here.
Additionally, the two international hotels at the resort – Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong – offer a great range of accommodation, recreation, and culinary delights.
Ocean Park Hong Kong is back and better than ever after the pandemic. Located at Hong Kong Island’s southern coastline, the resort is set to reignite the spark in tourists and local visitors alike with its panoramic views. Prepare to rediscover the joy of nature and adventure at the Ocean Park Hong Kong resort on your next vacation. The extraordinary journey will leave you energised and inspired!

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