Kofi Returns to R&B and Hip-hop Roots on New Single “We Don’t Make Sense”

Breakout rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer Kofi today released his second single of the year, “We Don’t Make Sense on Red Bull Records. The Afro-Canadian artist leans into his early hip-hop stylings, rapping harsh truths over crisp beats. While he still manages to flex his sleek vocals between the unapologetic lyrics, it’s a notable pivot from his latest bouncy single, “Impatient.” If summer called for a breakup soundtrack, Kofi has delivered. 

On the meaning behind the song, Kofi shares, “’We Don’t Make Sense’ is about the moment you realize the relationship you’re in just won’t work; it’s time to leave the past behind and focus on yourself.”  

An all-star player on UCLA's volleyball team in 2020, Kofi left sports behind to pursue music full-time. Four years and several albums later, he returns to the game, playing for Finland’s pro league while training to compete with Team Canada. Last month, Kofi brought home a win in the Finnish championship, sweeping the series by 4-0. His elite skill in volleyball coupled with his singular production and songwriting renders him a double threat to watch this year. 

With over 144K YouTube channel subscribers, 38.3K TikTok followers and an average of more than 187k monthly stream listeners, Kofi's music has garnered international appeal, including in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia which rank amongst his top 15 most streamed countries.

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