Japanese Band THREE1989 Release New Song ‘Last Tape’, Out Now!

Japanese band THREE1989, whose three members were each born in 1989 and whose band name is pronounced “Three”, have released their second single of 2024, ‘Last Tape’, on June 26.

Download and streaming links: https://three1989.lnk.to/LastTape

The song was produced by Gunma Prefecture-based beatmaker yuhei miura, whose obsession for lo-fi hip-hop and chillhop music has led to releases on overseas labels. Released during Japan’s rainy season, the song captures the moment of parting with a lover, and trying to burn that final scene into memory forever. The piano and strings arrangement on the song are courtesy of Fukuoka-born, Tokyo-based keyboardist/composer Osamu Fukuzawa.

The song’s simple structure is unlike any of their previous material, with piano and beats that accentuate the catchy vocal melody, a phrase that repeats over and over in the chorus. A departure from THREE1989’s usual city pop style, the result is a sweet song filled with space and resonance.

To match this new departure from their usual sound, the mastering and Dolby Atmos processing for the song were handled at big turtle STUDIOS, a facility run by origami PRODUCTIONS, which is home to pre-debut THREE1989 cohorts Ovall, Kan Sano and Nenashi.

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