HIRAIDAI Beats the Rain With New EP

Japanese singer-songwriter HIRAIDAI has launched a new monthly series of EP releases titled ‘LUCKY BAG’, which will include brand-new songs, past tracks that HIRAIDAI personally selected for each month’s EP, and demo-style songs recorded in one take on an iPhone. The first EP in the series, ‘Good-bye to Yesterday’, was released today on all digital platforms.

The theme of the first EP in the series is “songs to listen to after the rain”. The EP features six songs, including the love song ‘Boku ga Kimi ni Dekiru Koto’ in 2020, a new version of his song in 2014 ‘The Light (Home Rec Demo)’ recorded at home in one take for this EP.

Track list (Theme: songs to listen to after the rain)
  • Good-bye to Yesterday
  • I’m now here
  • A Song for You
  • Sunshine and Rainbow
  • The Light (Home Rec Demo) 
  • Boku ga Kimi ni Dekiru Koto
The title track ‘Good-bye to Yesterday’ is brand new – a grand and emotional song that gracefully depicts the struggles we overcome as we move forward with positivity, under the changing patterns of the sky, into a brighter future.
The video shows the drizzling rain as it finally clears – a fitting, comforting depiction of the themes of the song.


To coincide with the release of the ‘LUCKY BAG’ series, HIRAIDAI’s official app ‘LOSL’ will  open monthly calendar-style wallpapers that show like his tour schedule and release information, so don’t miss out.

 “I decided to release the ‘LUCKY BAG’ series as a way to share a selection of my latest songs, along with older songs that suit the new material when listened to together, and demos that I created as rough works at home. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what’s in the bag each month,” shares HIRAIDAI.

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