Emi Noda Releases New Single 'butterfly effect'

Japanese singer-songwriter Emi Noda released her fifth single ‘butterfly effect’ on May 2, 2024.

As Noda’s first ballad since the release of ‘LOSTTIME’ in July 2023, the song was also selected as the theme song to Yomiuri TV and Nippon TV’s weekly primetime drama series ‘Yakusoku: ~16-Nen-me no Shinjitsu~’, which follows a detective as she investigates a series of murders.
The song’s title is a reference to the butterfly effect theory, where the tiniest actions can have unimaginably large ripples.

The lyrics compare the TV drama’s protagonist to a morpho butterfly – an especially beautiful genus of butterfly beloved for its large, vividly colored wings – as she hunts for the serial killer.

Seemingly minor details lead her towards understanding the people around her as she solves the larger mystery – a thrilling example of the butterfly effect in action.

The song is both melancholic and optimistic, crystalized by Noda’s incredible singing voice.
The video features a performance by a contemporary dance troupe, and as the dancers transform into butterflies and flap their wings, Noda stands and sings with great dignity, resulting in a video that interprets and expresses the message of the lyrics in multiple ways, drawing you in to a fascinating new side of Noda. 

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