New Che'Nelle single ‘SOS’ Out Now!

Released today, Che'Nelle’s new single ‘SOS’ is the theme song to the hit drama series ‘The Secrets of the Married’, and was written especially for the show, which began broadcasting in January. Che'Nelle says that the song title ‘SOS’ is intended as a call for help from others, but also a call to herself. Hearing the SOS from within and raising your voice in response can be an important step towards self-healing. While reflecting the air of mystery in ‘The Secrets of the Married’, she sings of the importance of facing our pain and confusion with honesty and having the courage to speak out.

The lyrics were co-written by Che'Nelle and Kanata Okajima, who previously wrote the lyrics to ‘Happiness’, Che'Nelle’s hit theme song for the drama series ‘Dear Sister’. This is the first time since ‘Happiness’ that Che'Nelle has been reunited with Okajima, who has also written songs for numerous famous artists and has topped Japan’s Oricon music charts over 140 times. The music and lyrics were written together with KAY-I, who rose to fame by posting cover videos of popular songs and now has over 500,000 followers on TikTok, making this a track worth checking out for its all-star writing team as well.

The music video was choreographed by Che'Nelle’s husband G. Madison IV, a top dancer and choreographer who has created dance routines for Mariah Carey and worked as a dancer for Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

Che'Nelle profile
Artist and songwriter Che'Nelle was born in Malaysia and is now based in Perth, Australia. She made her world debut in 2007 on the US-based major label Capitol Records.
In Japan, Che'Nelle achieved multi-platinum disc sales with hits such as ‘Baby I Love You’, ‘Believe’ and ‘Happiness’, and was dubbed “the princess of love songs”.
She has won seven Japan Gold Disc Awards, and sung the theme songs for the movie ‘Brave Hearts: Umizaru’ and the drama series ‘Dear Sister’.
After taking a break to give birth and focus on childcare, in December 2023 she released ‘I AM’, her fist new song with Japanese lyrics in six years, and resumed her career as a hit artist in Japan.

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