Japan's Tomggg Releases New Album “Sweet Romance'' ft. LA Singer-Songwriter Raychel Jay

Tomggg releases new album “Sweet Romance'' featuring LA singer-songwriter Raychel Jay. This is their first collaborative release in four years since their masterpiece "Away with Me".

Tomggg is a Japanese music producer / composer that is attracting attention both domestically and internationally for its original sound.

Last year, he collaborated with Filipino artist ena mori on their first collaboration song "ICHIGO Milk,'' which received high acclaim from various media, and collaborated with Bo en, his long-related artist and friend, on his song "I Still Miss You.'' He also collaborated with Daoko, Japanese singer songwriter, on "Nanairo color’‘for Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and showed his various activities throughout the year.

Tomggg's first song released in 2024 is a collaboration with LA singer-songwriter Raychel Jay. In 2020, They released their first collaboration song, "Away with Me," which was featured on various playlists in Japan and the United States, and is now one of Tomgg's most popular songs. 

Since Away with Me was composed during the coronavirus pandemic, Raychel sang "take me far away," but in the new song "Sweet Romance", she sings about a sad love story.

Raychel's singing voice and Tomggg's detailed track are intertwined with novel-like lyrics sprinkled with scenic details, creating a work that intersects evolution over the past four years with a universal style that remains unchanged.


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