New Year 2024 UNIQLO x Marimekko Limited-Edition Collection

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces that it will launch the “UNIQLO x Marimekko” limited-edition collaboration collection, a line with the Finnish design house Marimekko known for its art of printmaking. The collection features signature winter UNIQLO items such as soft fleece and functional HEATTECH with Marimekko’s world-renowned prints inspired by Nordic nature and wildlife. A collection to enjoy with family and friends, this is the perfect way to stay warm and active in winter.

Four iconic Marimekko prints
This collection features a total of four distinctive prints, the Kivet, Kissapöllö, and Seireeni patterns from leading Marimekko designer Maija Isola, along with the Hattara pattern by Pentti Rinta. Inspired by Nordic nature, such as stones, owls, and clouds floating in the sky, each pattern uses chic colors of pearl grey, muted gold, and timeless black to express serene winter scenes and warm feelings.

Functional and cozy winter essentials
The lineup of essential items for winter can be enjoyed by adults and children together. The relaxed silhouette fleece full-zip jacket and fleece skirt have warm material that gently wraps around the body. The HEATTECH turtleneck T-shirt, with a napped inside for a soft feel, can be used as innerwear or as a layering piece. HEATTECH socks and a classic round mini shoulder bag are the perfect accents to complete a look and make winter fashion fun.
2024 New Year’s Collection
Launch date: January 5, 2024
Store availability: Full lineup available in all UNIQLO store, and the UNIQLO App
Special website:
Women’s fleece full-zip jacket - Php1,490

Girl's fleece full-zip jacket - Php990

Women’s fleece skirt - Php1,990

Girl’s fleece mini skort Php 990

Women’s HEATTECH turtleneck T-shirt - Php990

Girl’s HEATTECH turtleneck T-shirt - Php590

Women’s HEATTECH socks - Php290

Girl’s HEATTECH socks 2P - Php390

Women’s round mini shoulder bag - Php790

About Marimekko Designers
Maija Isola
Majia Isola’s (19272001) career as a print designer for Marimekko began in 1949 and lasted 38 years. During that time, she designed more than 500 patterns for Marimekko. Maija Isola laid the foundation for Marimekko as a print house. She lived an unconventional life for her time, painting what she encountered when traveling across Europe, North Africa, and America. On these trips, many of her patterns and colors were born.
Pentti Rinta
Pentti Rinta worked at Marimekko between 1969 and 1987 as a fashion designer. During his time with the company, he also designed bold and colorful prints for Marimekko. In the 1970s, Pentti’s Marimekko designs appeared on the pages of esteemed international fashion magazines around the world. In 1972, he designed Kuski (driver), a popular corduroy men’s suit that became an instant classic. Some of Pentti’s most recognizable prints for Marimekko include Kirjo (spectrum) and Haamuruutu (phantom square).
Print Stories

Kivet (stones)
Maija Isola’s Kivet (stones) design builds on circles cut with scissors. The pattern was most likely inspired by the big rough-edged stones that were manually cleared from the designer’s atelier home’s grounds. It has since become one of Marimekko’s most recognizable and loved patterns.
Kissapöllö (tawny owl)
In 1961, Maija Isola spent many evenings and nights working in Marimekko’s textile printing factory painting in gentle, sweeping brushstrokes while listening to music. Meter upon meter of new designs emerged, among them Kissapöllö (tawny owl), a pattern of stylized natural forms.
Seireeni (siren)
While traveling in Greece in the early 1960s, Maija Isola got inspired by the movement of water and depicted it in several fabric prints, including Seireeni (siren) from 1964. Named after the mythological sirens, the pattern also recalls the enchanting singing that lured sailors into dangerous waters.

Hattara (wisp) The charming small clouds in Pentti Rinta’s naivistic Hattara (wisp) pattern put a smile on your face and offer a throwback to the sweetest summer memories.

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