Breakout Pop Artist MIKA (Mika Hashizume) Reveals Captivating Debut Solo EP 'bleached'

Pop singer/songwriter Mika Hashizume is finally debuting his solo career with his brand new EP, 'bleached'. The EP's soulful lead track, characterised by R&B flavours and alternative elements titled "So I Don't Forget", was produced by GRAMMY-nominated producer Patrick "J.Que" Smith, who is also one of the co-writers of Joji's "Die For You".

The drifting atmosphere of "So I Don't Forget" carries a sense of nostalgia, and the fleeting worldview evokes a feeling of transience. The track is not only for listeners with a high sensitivity to music, but also for those close to Western music culture.

"In the beginning stage of creating the EP, I didn't have a fixed concept, except for the fact that I wanted each song in the EP to represent styles and genres that I fell in love with after starting my song-writing journey. It was only after I assembled the five songs of the EP, and the title and theme 'bleached', captured the moment I embarked on the journey I'm currently on, and the moments my career changed courses.

Though the process, one of the best moments of my life, came with difficulties, like everything else. The one aspect that could visually capture this beautiful yet painful period of my life was 'bleached'," MIKA shares.

With a track record of consistently pushing boundaries in both recording and live performances worldwide, MIKA demonstrated his international appeal with two captivating performances on the popular program "Drama’s Catchy Songs 2023" on Youku, one of China's top online video and streaming service platforms where the performances ranked on all major top music charts.

In 2023, MIKA made a headline appearance at the TMEA Music Festival, sharing the stage with esteemed names in the lineup such as Taeyang, Le Sserafim, and more. Beyond his musical prowess, MIKA's distinctive fashion sense and unwavering style have earned him coveted spots on the covers of esteemed publications like GQ, L’OFFICIEL HOMMES, as well as notable brand partnerships including Bottega Veneta, Tiffany & Co, Tom Ford, YSL, and more. 

The new EP 'bleached' draws from MIKA's emotions and experiences cultivated from growing up in different parts around the world like Hawaii, Tokyo and Beijing, marking a new chapter in his solo endeavours. Having took the Chinese music scene and Southeast Asia by storm, MIKA has grown a significant base across Asia with Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India  and the Philippines in his Top 10 streaming markets worldwide.

About MIKA
Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, MIKA embarked on his music career in 2016, moving to Tokyo to enter the group, INTERSECTION. Debuting in 2018, they collectively wrote and released their self-titled album 'INTERSECTION' in 2019, which combined the sounds of Western and Eastern pop. MIKA then broke through the Chinese music market after entering the show "CHUANG 2021", with his versions of "So Sick" by Ne-Yo, "永不失联的爱" by Eric Chou, and "输入法打可爱按第五" that accumulated more than 880+ million views, as well as dominating the Chinese top charts that propelled MIKA to pop music stardom.

After the completion of the show, MIKA made his China debut with the group INTO1, having released 4 albums in both Mandarin and English. Within the two years, MIKA released covers and singles such as "Beautiful", which ranked #1 on multiple charts.

After five years of journeying through different countries and collaborating with diverse groups, MIKA is poised to make his solo artist debut in 2023. From production and lyrics to creative direction, MIKA has crafted an EP titled 'bleached', merging his immersive musical journey with the earnest and introspective world of MIKA.

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