Benjamin Kheng 'Gloomy Boogie Vol. 2,' Second Chapter Of His Two-part Debut Album

Following the successful release of 'GLOOMY BOOGIE Vol. 1' earlier this August, multi-hyphenate Benjamin Kheng is set to captivate audiences once again with his follow-up effort, 'GLOOMY BOOGIE Vol. 2.' 

Featuring four tracks, including his latest single "Shared Trauma" featuring Australian artist Keenan Te, the EP will see Benjamin exploring the continued narrative of introspection, vulnerability, and growth that Vol. 1 established. He describes Vol. 2 as “aggressively more human," with the focus shifting towards the more trivial and less unrefined aspects of his personal experiences, exploring themes such as toxic pasts, messy loves, the “big sad” and the fear of permanence. The tracks were all mixed and mastered by Joe Grasso, a 2x Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum engineer based in of New York City.

Photo Credit: Matty Chong

A notable track on Vol. 2 is "A Nothing Day," a collaboration with Singaporean artist Rangga Jones. The song, written by both of them and produced by Charlie Kurata, offers a candid perspective on taking a day off, staying in neutral gear, and navigating life's challenges. 

“I always wanted to write an earnest but light song about the heaviest feeling – the big sad.
 Depression hit me hard a couple of years ago, and a part of me developed healthy coping mechanisms that helped me get through the darkness,” says Benjamin. “Giving myself  'nothing day,' a day of literally staying in neutral-gear, was one such habit. I decided to water that idea into a song with the brilliant Rangga Jones, who was amazing on the co-write. It made perfect sense to collaborate with him on the track. We clicked instantly and the song was birthed in barely any time at all.” 

The track is accompanied by a music video that featured a compilation of behind-the-scenes clips of the process of putting together 'GLOOMY BOOGIE Vol. 2.'

Also included on EP are "Robbed", a rock-leaning track that delves into themes of personal growth and standing one's ground, as well as "For Now | Forever," a collaboration with songwriters Josh Zegan, Dalton Diehl, and Cici Ward. The latter is a romantic exploration of living in the present moment within a relationship.

With both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 available, the debut album of Benjamin Kheng is now complete. Over the course of this year, the project marked a journey of self-discovery and introspection, during which Kheng collaborated with friends and fellow artists who shared his artistic vision. 
“I might never press the 'Pop button' as viciously again as I get to do with this album, so in a way, it’s a big thank you to listeners for embracing this chapter of increasingly unhinged and unfiltered behaviour,” shares Benjamin.

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