#AlexReviews: TP-Link Tapo C211

Nowadays, making our dream home takes more than having fine furniture and smart appliances. To fully equip our homes, possessing the most reliable CCTV camera is a must-have for added peace of mind and protection. I’m glad that I stumbled upon the TP-Link Tapo C211 which will further boost my dream of pursuing my dream home.

A year ago, I already received the keys to my own home in Cavite. Since the subdivision is new, I have to take precautions in all of the decisions that I will make especially the safety and security features of my home. I’ve been using Tapo products – specifically smart plugs - in our home now, and I must say that these are the most amazing tools for me to save time and energy.

From our garden to our living room, I have the Tapo smart plugs to schedule the light on and off of my garden lights and even the Christmas Tree. And now that I have this TP-Link Tapo C211, I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna be obsessing about having more of TP-Link’s security gadgets to make my stay at my new home worthwhile.

Impressive Features to Enjoy
The TP-Link Tapo C211 is a perfect indoor security WiFi Camera that comes with flexible manual rotation, motion detection, night vision, and local storage. Given the vast offers available in the market when it comes to security cameras, the TP-Link Tapo C211 boasts 2K 3MP High Definition offering crystal-clear high-definition video, which you’ll appreciate day or night.

Complementing its superb camera features, the TP-Link Tapo C211 also comes with two-way audio giving you access to communicate through your mobile phone to your security camera. This plays a vital role especially if the person you left at home is a non-techie or you have pets that need visual assistance every day.

For maximum experience, TP-Link also made the Tapo C211 flexible with its pan and tilt features that let its users see the camera's environment through up, down, and all-around rotation. It can also detect person and motion, which lets its users get notified in case of any movement in your room or house. This feature is even highlighted with the advanced night vision. Again, if you have pets inside your house, this gadget is a great tool to monitor their movement and even their whereabouts. *wink*

Maximize Capabilities for the Whole Family
For those who are just starting their families, the TP-Link Tapo C211 can also aid new parents through its baby Crying Detection. Through its motion detection and two-way audio, parents can easily get notified when their baby wakes up or starts to cry. Whether in the morning or at night, this gadget can provide additional eyes in the house to watch over your precious ones any time of the day.

Users can also customize their TP-Link Tapo C211, which can give them maximum opportunity to enjoy this product. You can edit its Privacy Zone you to keep certain spaces from being recorded, such as a bathroom or dressing area, and you can also do Device Sharing, which will allow two different smartphone devices to receive feed from one TP-Link Tapo C211.

Lastly, with its storage that can go up to 512GB, your videos are well secured and kept for documentation of things and other fond memories that you would like to see again and again.

To learn more about TP-Link Tapo C211, you may visit https://pcx.com.ph/products/tp-link-tapo-c211-pan-tilt-home-security-wi-fi-camera-black. The TP-Link Tapo C211 is available for only PHP1,350 at PC Express shops and online store: https://pcx.com.ph/.

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