Immerse in Pure Sound with the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro

OPPO remains committed to providing its customers with innovative, inspired, and game-changing breakthroughs across all of its products. The latest is the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro True Wireless Earbuds which guarantees a striking all-around listening experience.

Be amazed by the Industry's First Bamboo-Fiber Diaphragm Feature
Audiophiles and casual listeners are in for a pro-level listening experience with the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro as it introduces the industry’s first natural bamboo-fiber diaphragm dome. Drawing inspiration from nature, the meticulous bamboo papermaking process resembles how the device’s carefully crafted bamboo-fiber diaphragm is made. This innovation produces three major results over the usual titanium-plated diaphragm: it becomes lightweight, has stronger rigidity, and improves elasticity against titanium.

The bamboo-fiber diaphragm dome leads to a better-built inner sound chamber, enabling premium audio clarity for high frequencies. Installing the bass condenser at the back of the inner cavity’s speaker caters to lower frequencies, letting the users feel its impact through music that almost comes alive.

Experience Quality Sound  With a Full-Bodied Audio Exposure
Thanks to the support of the LDAC ultra-clear transmission protocol, the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro transmission speeds of up to 990 kbps (three times that of a standard SBC encoder). This emanates an extra level of clarity while listening. Additionally, the OPPO Alive Audio feature uses stereoscopic audio playback to give the impression of a spatial surround sound field when using earphones. It transports listeners to a different scale of sound sensation exposure.
Feel Every Rhythm With the Enco Master
Bearing a resemblance to nature’s authentic way of producing soothing sounds, the Enco Master feature aims to provide listeners with options to indulge in every detailed rhythm. You can choose from Original Sound, Bass Boost, and Natural Inspiration– all these are exceptionally fulfilled by the device’s unique bamboo-fiber diaphragm dome design.
Achieve Focus and Concentration with Active Noise Cancellation
It’s easy to get lost in the chaos in our daily lives, but it takes an effort to block out the distractions and unnecessary sounds around. The OPPO Enco AIr3 Pro supports 49dB adaptive ANC,  an integrated noise-canceling function that works in any environment to help the user concentrate. TÜV Rheinland has certified the effectiveness of this revolutionary earbud's noise-canceling feature.
The earbuds automatically adjust to the environment’s noise level and switch to a noise reduction setting to filter out unwanted noise and isolate the music you’re listening to. You’ll never have to worry about hearing the music clearly, whether when commuting to work or walking around the campus among students.
Enjoy an All Around Music Experience with More Unique Features
OPPO Enco Air3 Pro presents more features to deliver consistent audio performance. The wind noise cancellation algorithm reduces wind noise and amplifies the user's music or phone conversations to be more easily heard in windy conditions, exercising, or jogging. Thanks to the device's transparency mode and dual-mic AI noise reduction features, users can converse on calls with less background noise.
Switching between two devices is made even smoother and more accessible with the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro’s dual device connectivity. On the other hand, with 30 hours of battery life, you can rely on it to be by your side for all your listening needs. Ten minutes of quick charging already provides 2 hours of listening time, making it more convenient, especially for those always on the go.
Get Your Own OPPO Enco Air3 Pro Today!
Purchase the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro for PHP 5,499 available in all OPPO Brand stores and partner dealers nationwide. You may also get it from OPPO’s official online stores on Shopee, Lazada, and Tik Tok Shop.
A perfect partner to the Enco Air3 Pro is the OPPO Reno10 Series 5G, where you can also experience pro power in portrait. Avail of the OPPO Reno10 5G (PHP 23,999), OPPO Reno10 Pro 5G (PHP 29,999), or the flagship-level OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G (PHP 39,999).
Learn more about the OPPO Enco Air3, OPPO Reno 10 Series 5G, and other devices of OPPO by visiting or OPPO Philippines's official Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok pages.

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