#AlexReviews: First Dibs on HUAWEI P60 Pro

2023 marks a new banner year for HUAWEI as it officially launches its newest smartphone in the market, the HUAWEI P60 Pro. Packed with impressive performance, excellent camera capabilities, and stunning design, the HUAWEI P60 Pro comes ashore the Philippine market with a captivating Rococo Pearl variant that comes with a Mother of Pearl case that is so unique, each unit has its pattern.

Held last Saturday, May 6, at the Conrad Manila, HUAWEI Philippines hosted an exclusive event where HUAWEI aficionados got a first dib on this new amazing phone that expresses the brand's dedication to interpreting aesthetics and its continued commitment to innovating in mobile imaging technology.

I’m not expecting so much about it, but the moment I saw the Rococo Pearl unit – my inner “Tita of Manila” got so excited about it! I must have this phone! Haha!

Made to Last!
Toughened like a pro, HUAWEI P60 Pro comes with a Kunlun Glass, which is a nano microcrystalline glass made by growing 10 quadrillion-level strong nanocrystals in glass, significantly improving the glass’s strength. Officially certified by Switzerland’s SGS with 5-star glass drop resistance, users of this new HUAWEI P60 Pro need not make costly visits to the repair store anytime their phone accidentally slips out of their hand due to its rock-solid glass display.

Pretty Lucky to Have It
While we were told that HUAWEI P60 Pro will be available in two colors – Matte Black and Rococo Pearl, I know in my mind that Rococo Pearl will be a huge hit for this series.

Believed to be lucky, the mother-of-pearl design of the Rococo Pearl variant resonates with the very essence of the Rococo style that prevailed in the 18th century, which is timeless, unique, and opalescent. With HUAWEI bringing it back to the market, along with the stunning features of HUAWEI P60 Pro, it is set to keep its cultural emblem element that could stand out through the ever-changing standards of beauty. 

The Stunning “Eye of Light”
The highlight of the Huawei P60 Pro is undoubtedly its camera capabilities. This new device features HUAWEI’s latest technological leaps in mobile photography as it offers Ultra Lighting XMAGE Camera and Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera that users can use across various scenarios to showcase the dynamic light intake to seize the moment and capture what you see in real life more exactly as it is.

I had a wonderful time trying it out (even for a short moment) to see the improvement of its camera capabilities from its predecessor – and I must say, I’m impress. From zooming to fruits to see their tiniest details to capturing elements even in low-light situations and telephoto, the camera of this latest device has proven to be a must-have for me. 

The front camera comes in a 13-MP Selfie Camera (Wide Angle, F2.4), while its rear cameras come in 48 MP Ultra Lighting Camera (F1.4~F4.0 aperture, OIS), 13 MP Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera (F2.2 aperture), and 48 MP Ultra Lighting Telephoto Camera (F2.1 aperture, OIS).

Welcome, GBox!
Aside from HUAWEI P60 Pro, Huawei Philippines also announced the launch of GBox, a multi-platform mobile application that lets everyone use Google apps on any Android platform. 

All HUAWEI users can now forget their worries about using Google apps as GBox lets you access Google-related apps on HUAWEI devices now for free. Just download it on your HUAWEI devices, and voila, you can access all Google-related apps for free.

I bet there are still a lot of things to know and to love about HUAWEI P60 Pro, so let’s wait and who knows, I might have one of them really soon.

Thank you and congratulations, HUAWEI Philippines!

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