Start Saving for Your 2023 Goals Now!

Next year, I’m really looking forward to so many things – this include moving to my new and own place in Cavite. Though quite far, I’m really hoping to be more inspired and creative there since I’ll be having raw and undecorated space where I can express freely my interest in interior design. But before I officially moved in, I have some few repairs and adjustments that I want to apply to maximize the space, and this is gonna be my goal for next year!

Ever since I started my plan of buying my own place, I always make sure that my budget fits right in. I’m the only one paying for all of it, so I always make sure that I stick to my monthly budget. Having an active and handy worksheet that provides guidance and clearer computation of my expenses helped me a lot in this journey. But sometimes, life happens and emergencies tend to disrupt my usual budget and expenses. During these times, a handy calculator comes right in to provide me some more guidance on how to manage everything once again.

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has thought me, that is to further invest on my health and well-being, as well as on my future. Having that good balance of physical and intangible investment is a good step to secure a peaceful retirement, and with this, I’m really pushing myself to earn and save something from these earnings.

I haven’t looked for the manpower needed for my house repairs, and based from the discussions in various online platforms and initial talk I had with some contractors, I’m looking at a half a million cost, which is quite high from what I expected. But for the love of my new place, I’m willing to push for it and have my future home ready and cozy by next year.

With the rising costs of materials and products, due to inflation, I also need to have a buffer, which is around 10% to 20% just to make sure that I’ll have a decent house. If you know reliable contractors and have a good quality of workmanship, I’d appreciate you sharing their contact details below.

I’ll be turning 40 next year, and I really to spend the half of my life in a more creative and peaceful environment. So, for next year, I’m promising to be more watchful on my expenses without sacrificing my happiness and peace of mind.

How about you? How are you saving for next year’s goals?

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