DITO Telecommunity: Amplifying Passions and Productivity through Reliable Connectivity

The online world showcases a treasure chest of Pinoy talent, creativity and sense of community that spring from pursuing shared passions.  Not surprising as Filipinos have consistently been named as the top social media users in recent years.

Early this year, the Digital 2022 report by We Are Social and Hootsuite recorded about 92.05 million Pinoy social media users who spend more than 10 hours daily connected to the internet. On top of staying connected with friends and family or watching news, they go online to find information, new ideas and inspiration. When it comes to consumption of video content, many follow how-to videos so they can learn, be more productive and have fun at the same time.

As Filipinos maximize their digital lifestyle, fast and seamless internet has become a life necessity alongside affordable ways to stay connected. This is why the newest major telco player, DITO Telecommunity continues to innovate great value offerings that allow Filipinos to enjoy reliable and essential connectivity to pursue their passions.
Enabling Filipinos to do more with the speed of true 5G
True to its #TODONaDITO brand messaging, DITO supports its more than 13 million subscribers to go all out on their online pursuits and multiply their tribes with like-minded go-getters with stronger connectivity and next-generation technology.
One of its product offerings is the DITO Flash 5G Home WIfi, a postpaid broadband subscription that delivers up to 500Mbps+ true 5G-fast internet speeds. For less than P1,000 monthly, subscribers, together with their families and friends can get their digital activities done in a flash. All DITO Flash 5G Home Wifi plans include a 5G modem/router, bonus data for the first 3 months, and a 3-month HBO GO subscription.  In addition, Prepaid packages are also available so DITOzens can experience fast and seamless connection without breaking the bank.  For as low as P590 a month, DITOzens can enjoy up to 500Mbps download speed for leisure and work-from-home activities. Both postpaid and prepaid packages support DITO rewards and data rollover. 
“With our value-for-money products, we want to encourage more Filipinos to engage in activities they are passionate about. As they continuously use productivity and social apps to follow their passions, we want to give them practical options when it comes to leveraging connectivity to level up their digital lifestyle,” said Ms. Evelyn Jimenez, Chief Commercial Officer, DITO Telcommunity.
Giving DITOzens control over their digital lifestyle
Boosting the Todo na DITO digital experience, subscribers can conveniently access DITO’s products and promos through the DITO app. With just a few clicks, they can use the DITO app to manage their accounts, check their balance, monitor data/call/text usage, and receive customer service assistance through app chat.
DITOzens can also learn more about DITO International services, as well as promos including DITO Level-UP Packs, DITO Data Sachets, DITO App Boosters, Auto Pay, and Advance Pay. The app can also be used to conveniently purchase DITO products and exclusive promos using various payment options including local Mastercard or Visa credit, debit cards, GCash, GrabPay, and WeChat Pay.

Whether you’re into vlogging or e-gaming, you’ll surely enjoy a TODO na DITO digital experience with DITO’s wide array of value-for-money products and promos. To know more about DITO, visit https://dito.ph.   


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