Assia Keva Releases Soulful New Single "Only You"

Up-and-coming Indonesian singer-songwriter, Assia Keva, has released a soulful R&B-inspired new single, "Only You". The track serves a follow up to the well-received first single "Goodbye", which marked the 17-year-old Balinese's comeback into the music industry.

On "Only You", Keva talks about opening her heart to the sweet moments of a new relationship with a special someone who has helped her overcome the traumas of a previous relationship. With his help, Keva was able to find the spark and stability she needed to move forward. The lyrics hint at their common love for music as the catalyst for their blossoming romance.

Keva first caught the nation's attention as a child star in 2018 but decided to take a short hiatus away from limelight. After 4 years, the Pop/R&B/Soul singer is now ready to restart her musical journey proper with her debut EP slated for early 2023. 

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