Gavin Haley Unveils Debut Album 'I Hate You, Don't Leave Me'

LA-based artist Gavin Haley releases his highly-anticipated debut album, ‘i hate you, Don’t Leave Me’ via Red Bull Records. The former pro-cyclist poured himself into the project, yielding a deeply personal and incredibly relatable body of work. According to Gavin, writing the album was a huge part of his therapy in 2021 and he credits the writing process for getting him through tough times. His hope for listeners is that this project will “connect in the best and worst times. An album to bop in the car and one that can bring together all types of people who are searching for more.”

‘i hate you, Don’t Leave Me’ came together with the help of co-producers and co-writers Skylar Mones (Dua Lipa, Kesha) and Nick Bailey (Demi Lovato, Marshmello, Machine Gun Kelly). When asked about working with Mones and Bailey, Gavin shared, “Working with these dudes was a pleasure. Our conversations turned into songs and that’s the best feeling. It was effortless and fun... but at the same time we all pushed each other to be the best we could. I’m very thankful for them.” 

Gavin began introducing this batch of new music with an infectious first single “Body Language”, releasing the earworm in March just prior to his select tour dates opening for Tate McRae. He followed up the release with two infectious pop-leaning tracks – “Cliche” and “Mine” – each showcasing his evolution as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist and delving further into the albums theme of navigating love and relationships. The tracks were released to wide support across Asia, sweeping up Spotify New Music Friday playlists across 8 markets in the region and notable press support from Billboard Indonesia, Bandwagon Asia and Manila Republic, as well as TV support from MTV Asia, Vh1 India and MYX Global (Philippines).

Accompanying the album release is an eye-catching music video for the uplifting focus track, “Lottery”. Surrounded by opulence and a diverse cast of characters in a golden mansion fit for a king, Gavin contemplates what he’d do and how his life would change if he hit the jackpot and won the lottery.

By disclosing secrets, thoughts, and feelings, we give the world pieces of ourselves. In this spirit, Gavin Haley imparts a piece of himself on every song. The Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist never holds back. Instead, his open-book approach laces organic and otherworldly pop soundscapes with catchy confessions and the kind of feelings you can only properly communicate out loud in conversation. Every side of Gavin is on display in his 2022 project, ‘i hate you, Don't Leave Me’ working with co-producers and co-writers Skyler Mones (Dua Lipa, Kesha) and Nick Bailey (Demi Lovato, Marshmello, Machine Gun Kelly). 

“I don’t want to be somebody who just makes sad songs or happy songs. I want to tell stories. I want my songs to aid listeners in whatever they’re going through. On one side, I’m this vulnerable kid who wants to be held. On the other side, I’m this passionate, energetic, and loud guy. It’s a very fine line between them.”  
– Gavin Haley
Gavin Haley released his 2019 debut EP 'Long Game' which yielded the hypnotic hit “The Way I Am” feat. Ella Vos, which exceeded 50 million streams to date, and rapidly gained fans across South East Asia. The track trended on social media and entered viral charts in multiple Asian markets which led to reworks of the song with K-R&B starlet SOLE in 2020 and one with Thailand's biggest stars Mew Suppasit last year. Once the release was made public, #GavinxMew became the #1 trending topic online in Thailand, with #TheWayIAm coming in close at #3. Outside of Thailand, this unexpected pairing made it into the Top 10 trending topics in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines, which drove #TheWayIAm to #17 worldwide. 

Gavin's 2020 follow-up EP 'Unfolding' gained over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify (with over 3 million streams in the first 2 weeks of release) and boasted the track “Tati” feat. Yung Pinch, which caught the attention of Blink-182’s Travis Barker, who contributed a scorching remix. In its wake, People Magazine hailed Gavin among “The Talented Emerging Artists Making Their Mark on the Musical Landscape” with the project earning equal acclaim from Flaunt, Billboard, American Songwriter, and many more international outlets.

Although based halfway across the globe, Gavin has built a significant fanbase in Asia, with Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in his Top 10 Streaming Markets worldwide.

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