#AlexReviews: HUAWEI Band 7 and HUAWEI FreeBuds SE

As technology continues to display stunning development over the past years, one cannot disregard how amazing each item is made to make our lives easier, happier, and even stylish. Take for example the latest developments from HUAWEI, the HUAWEI Band 7, and HUAWEI FreeBuds SE. Simply made to help us in our daily dose of workout routine and entertainment, these latest innovations also boast remarkable features and loveable style that suit our modern-day needs.

Over the years of reviewing products from HUAWEI, I must say that though developments come annually, there’s always something to enjoy and get fond of making HUAWEI a true leader in innovation and style. From their smartphones, matebooks, audio equipment, watches, and other wearables, HUAWEI has always something to delight its followers topped with an affordable price point that Filipino fans love.

HUAWEI’s commitment to providing healthy lifestyle support to millions of its followers continues to pave this year with the release of HUAWEI Band 7. Offering a lightweight design, the HUAWEI Band 7 shares a FullView display with a screen-to-body ratio of 64.88% and a resolution of 194 x 368.

Packed with amazing features that health and fitness enthusiasts can enjoy, this new HUAWEI Band 7 has the thinnest fitness tracker at less than 10mm making it even more comfortable to wear even if you are sleeping. With a little improvement in its curvature, I feel more relaxed wearing it during my training periods or even I’m at just work.

Powered through HUAWEI Health App, the HUAWEI Band 7 comes with HUAWEI TruSport™ which makes workout tracking more efficient, scientific, and easy to understand. It also supports comprehensive health tracking features for SpO2, sleep, heart rate, stress, and even the menstrual cycle.

This new HUAWEI Band 7 runs on HarmonyOS 2.0, which has an improved UI with larger numbers, larger icons, and a more intuitive experience that young and adults can enjoy. It also provides a quick connection to any third-party brand of smartphone, making it an ideal and friendly watch to use. On top of these, the new HUAWEI Band 7 also uses bright colors, micro gradients, and simple graphics to highlight, important information to the user’s attention.

For runners like me, I find this new HUAWEI Band 7’s running ability measurement system, the Running Ability Index (RAI), really helpful as it lets me evaluate my running capacity objectively and know more about my progress in real-time. Based on my initial experience, information such as historical heart rate, pace, and other multi-dimensional data, and measure are made available to me after each run.

Meanwhile, for those who are worried about the battery longevity of this latest watch, the HUAWEI Band 7, if in smart mode, can stay up to 14 days, which is almost the same as its predecessors.

Adding further pump and excitement to our daily lives in this latest audio equipment from HUAWEI, the HUAWEI FreeBuds SE. Despite being tagged as an entry-level and underdog TWS earphone, the mere fact that its pop of color and the crisp, clear audio it provides is no less than other higher-level of audio pieces from HUAWEI.

Weighing only 4.9 grams each piece, this light and made-to-fit HUAWEI FreeBuds SE provides an excellent audio quality made possible by its semi-in-ear design crafted to fit the contours of our outer ears. Each purchase of this latest wearable comes with three sets of silicone tips in different sizes to provide an immersive experience. Through its 10mm large dynamic driver, one can expect a custom acoustic component, delivering a surging and powerful bass, and a wonderful blend from its wide sound field.

Made for new to TWS and young audiences in mind, the HUAWEI FreeBuds SE has gone through a rigorous audio tuning process to achieve that finely-tuned audio for playing pop music. When I used this HUAWEI FreeBuds SE on my recent beach trip, I was also introduced to its environmental noise cancellation (ENC) feature which I find helpful when receiving calls. Its dual-mic beamforming technology can separate the target voice from ambient noise, giving my voice quality over phone calls a higher level of clarity and accuracy. And with its dedicated G sensor, it made the experience more pleasing and enjoyable as it provides accurate control with every tap.

When it comes to its battery life, pair of fully charged earbuds could provide 6 hours of continuous music playback, while with a fully charged charging case, you can enjoy this audio equipment for 24 hours. pair of fully charged earbuds could provide 6 hours of continuous music playback. So, whether you are at the beach, outdoors, or in the comfort of your room, you’ll surely appreciate this latest gadget from HUAWEI mainly for its excellent audio quality topped with efficient battery life and polished look that suits anyone style.

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