Checking Out the Lesser-Known Sights around Washington, D.C.

We are all aware of some of the most common places to visit in D.C. Some of these include the White House, the Smithsonian, and the Lincoln Memorial. Let’s talk about some of the hidden gems of the D.C. area.

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National Archives Museum
Have you ever wondered what the Declaration of Independence looked like? Or the Constitution? The National Archives Museum is home to the founding documents of the United States. In addition to these amazing documents that are a central part of our history, there are tons of exhibits. Some of these are permanent and some change each month. One of the permanent exhibits is the Records of Rights which documents how past generations worked to incorporate the ideals of the founding documents.

There is the Boeing learning center as well which features replicas of these important documents. This gives you the chance to learn more in-depth information and get a closer look at the original maps, notes, and images from the colonial era. The museum is big on education and they offer tons of programs for children and families alike.

There is a section of public vaults as well. You can find telegrams here sent by Abraham Lincoln. This area is interactive and can offer you a glimpse inside of the importance of what the founding fathers were looking to accomplish.

United States National Arboretum and Bonsai and Penjing Museum
These are a mouthful but they are worth the visit. This is probably a location that you haven’t heard much about in the D.C. area. If you have been looking into Washington, D.C. houses for sale, you may notice that a lot of the area is densely populated. Homes tend to be close to each other. This offers a great close community vibe, but a lot of folks love their green areas. The National Arboretum is a recommended stop if you’re hoping to relax and bask in nature.

There are 446 acres of gardens and collections connected by roadways. This area is a historic landmark that contributes to the beauty of the landscape in D.C. There are several major gardens including Asian collections, ferns, a grove of state trees, and the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum. Within this section of the Arboretum, 4 collections display Japanese, Chinese, and North American bonsai.

Some non-garden sculptures are dotted throughout the Arboretum. These are situated here to show the artistry and architecture of the D.C. region. Don’t forget to stop at the reflecting pool and the National Capitol columns on the grounds of this museum.

The Mansion on O Street
Another lesser-known site to visit in D.C., the Mansion on O Street is a place of wonder. Not only is it an amazing place to visit, but you can also host parties or events at the mansion as well. The Mansion is also an Inn so you can book a stay in this unique building. There are hidden doors, secret passageways, and amazing elegant fixtures. It is known for its eccentric design.

Created in 1892, it was a cluster of homes that were built for the family of Edward Clark. Edward was the architect and the homes were connected through the basement. It was purchased in 1980 and renovated. The museum was added in 1998. Between all of the homes, there are over 100 rooms. It’s most certainly worth the visit even if you decide not to stay here.

These three lesser-known locations around D.C. are a great addition to your itinerary for your visit. If you decide that D.C. is going to be your new home, you’ll have some insight into some locations that the locals already know of. There are so many places to visit in D.C., you can add these and much more when you plan your next visit.

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