Get Ready for the Rainy Days, Shop your Meds at Shopee!

And just like that, we are back to the wet and crazy rainy season here in the Philippines. But don't panic - we're going through this all our lives, which means by now, we should know how to be prepared in this season so that we are ready to protect our families from unwanted virus and bacteria that may lead to sickness and other diseases.

The pandemic has thought us so many things about preparation, and with various natural calamities happening around us, its is best to be prepared and ready to face any challenges ahead of us. One of the best way to be prepared is to stock up your essential supplies regardless if there are still no public warning on natural calamities and health concerns.

We'll never know what's the next disease that may cause concerns to many people so it is better to have vitamins and basic meds in your medicine cabinets all the time.

In time for rainy season, Shopee and Unilab partner to provide its customer not just the best immunity kit that keeps everyone safe, boost the immune system and even give us savings through its amazing deals this season!

According to health experts, one of the most common and must-have medicines in our stash is Paracetamol. In the Philippines, when it comes to Paracetamol, Biogesic is the first brand that comes in mind. 

Biogesic is the most used and most trusted oral medicine for headache and fever relief. It has been caring for Filipinos for over 50 years over these past years, it never fails to provide that quality that Filipino families trust and continue to rely on.

This Shopee 6.6-7.7 Sale, Unilab is offering 10% discount on most of its products. For every purchase of 20 Tablets of 500mg Biogesic, customers will get a free gift!

On the other hand, to keep your immunity strong and healthy, Shopee and Unilab are also offering multivitamins such as Conzace and Enervon at a discount price.

As cliché as it may sound, prevention is better than cure, hence keeping these vitamins in your stash will surely help you boost your energy and immune system.

For Conzace, you can get as much as 5% discount for every purchase of 100 capsules of this multivitamins. 
Conzace has the highest levels of Zinc, Vitamins A, C, and E that are proven to help promote immunity, healthy hair and skin. Its superior formulation combines all the molecules needed to give healthy skin and hair. It targets to strengthen the immune system by 140% more to keep us going no matter what kind of weather we have.

Lastly, but definitely the most trusted multivitamins in the Philippines, Enervon shares their most convenient and easy to "bitbit" variant to make sure that people on the go can keep themselves healthy and strong wherever and whenever they need to.

The Enervon Bitbit Bottle, which has 30 tablets inside, is consist of sugar-free tablets that contains 500mg of Vitamin C and B-complex for "more immunity, mas happy" daily life.

For this 
Shopee's 6.6 Mid-Year Sale, you can get this Enervon Bitbit Bottle for only PHP185, making it the most affordable multivitamins that you can enjoy and share with your family.

Save up to 10% off plus enjoy free vouchers and more gifts from Unilab only at Shopee's 6.6 Mid-Year Sale! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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