The Power of (Screen) Sharing x HUAWEI MateBook Series

The modern-day workspace is a far cry from the muted, cubicle-centric office setup of yore – given how everybody has a powerful computer they have access to pretty much 24/7, any space can practically function as an office. Only instead of the traditional set of analog calendars, bulky filing cabinets, and desktop computers, today’s professionals have the 21st-century clutter of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other internet-powered devices to wrangle together.

All this high-end hardware might be speeding up work, but it only seemed to add a few extra layers of complication in everybody’s workflows - unless it’s Huawei Super Device.

Huawei’s Super Device Concept is the centerpiece of its Smart Office vision – an intelligent software solution that utilizes the power of the company’s patented Cross-Device collaboration and Ecosystem Integration among its products. When working together, these two revolutionary features close the gap between Windows and mobile ecosystems, and also allow Huawei devices to interconnect easily. Simply put, users can just browse, share, transfer and edit files between every Huawei device screen in an incredibly seamless fashion.

Work and play across multiple screens, seamlessly 
Fire up one of the new HUAWEI MateBook Series laptops and you’ve got the “anchor” for the rest of the Super Device family. One tap, and you can easily choose which device to connect wirelessly to.

Need those high-res photos from a Huawei smartphone for some presentation slides? Drag and drop those pics using the exact smartphone UI beamed onto the MateBook display. You can even download and use mobile apps on the MateBook for extra functionality, thanks to the Mobile App Engine that continuously tears down the barriers between Windows and mobile ecosystems.
HUAWEI’s MatePad tablets have excellent stylus support for artistic projects, and of course, users can mirror what’s displayed on the HUAWEI MateBook onto the tablet (and vice versa) for more streamlined collaborative design projects.
Ready to present that project proposal or visual demo to the meeting room? Share that vision by projecting it to an external monitor like the Huawei Vision for better impact. Maybe it’s movie night and everyone can use a good flick to relax to, so go ahead and beam the latest titles straight onto that ultra high-def screen using your favorite streaming service.
Searching for that one elusive file? Super Device utilizes AI Search to browse files across all connected devices in a snap, so there’s only one screen to occupy your attention.
These are just a couple of highlights of what’s possible with Super Device, and there are plenty more features and modes available to accommodate whatever productivity scenario is at hand.
Connecting more devices
Super Device recognizes and connects to any compatible device - wireless earbuds, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers, etc.  – within range, after initial pairing. Just pop out your preferred device and get right into the groove, no fuss.
As the concept of work and relaxation spaces continues to evolve, Huawei will likewise continue to push the boundaries of efficiency and innovation that have always defined the brand. In the case of Super Device, such boundaries have been broken down and redefined into the intuitive future we’ve always envisioned, and can now experience.
Experience the best of the best of what HUAWEI Super Device has to offer with the new HUAWEI MateBook Series, equipped with the latest 11th Gen Core™ Processor, 2K FullView Display ideal may it be for work productivity or entertainment, Eye Comfort Modes that are effective at minimizing blue light emissions, and a sleek metallic body leaving a positively stylish remark.
Get your hands on the new HUAWEI MateBook Series, and get that firsthand Super Device experience now until May 31, 2022, with prices starting from PHP 52,999, and HUAWEI freebies that could go as high as PHP 10,598:

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