Arcana Lounge: Greenhills Welcomes New Luxurios Destination

Now that travelling, dining out and partying around town is allowed again, I bet that most of you are looking now for a nice, convenient and safe place to see your family and friends and celebrate some milestones in life. While health protocols now at a minimum requirements, a lot of us are eager to celebrate life once again through some luxury stay, service and food.

Promenade Mall in Greenhills, San Juan City proudly welcomes the newest  place to gather in the new-normal lifestyle, Arcana Lounge. Set to to inspire people to rediscover the luxury of casual gatherings. Arcana Lounge offers well-curated dining experience that’s meant to be shared with those who matter the most. 

Offering low-key luxury experiences that are within reach, Arcana Lounge is equipped with seats and private rooms that are good for small groups or a little more. Made for comfortable indulgence of exquisite dishes and premium drinks, Arcana Lounge takes pride on its familiar dishes that are made more special with some delicious and well-thought-out twists and turns. Among these are Sisig Rolls, Sliders, and Buffalo  Wings to Rib Eye, Porterhouse Steaks, Lamb Rack, Pork Ribs, Pan Seared Salmon, and  Prawns Thermidor.


Truffle Pizza

Truffle Pasta

Sisig Rolls

Porterhouse Steak

Prawn Thermidor

Lamb Rack

Along these delectable offerings are Arcana Lounge's wide selection of drinks including its versions of Forgotten Classics such as the rich Whiskey Sour, or the bittersweet freshness of the Negroni, which is a surefire hits for those with a more nostalgic palette. This place is also offering new and exciting flavors including Signature Cocktails that are worth a shot or two such as the Arcana Twister, which is a creamy yet refreshing take on your favorite pineapple drink.

So, if you are on a hunt for a nice place for hearty conversations with great company topped with experiential service, food and drink, Arcana Lounge might be the place you are looking for. Gather your family and friends, and celebrate life as you all discover what lies ahead at Arcana Lounge.

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