The Fur-fect Valentine’s Day Treat for your Favorites!

We’ve outgrown the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone. Now, more and more Filipino are celebrating the loveliest day in the world with family and friends to create more memorable time with one another. 

With the slow recovery we’re seeing in our environment due to the COVID-19, family and family and barkada packages are all over restaurants and other commercial places to celebrate the V-Day happier and bigger. But while we all plan these celebration, pet parents who are planning to tag along their favorites out, it is best to bring some essential that you might need to use them while outside.

Carry On and Carry Them

It is important to note that while majority of commercial establishments now allow toys pets inside their facilities, having a reliable pet bag and leash would come very handy.

With hundreds of people now are enjoying the outside world once again, placing your favorite pets inside a well secured pet carrier would provide you security as well as protection and comfort for your fur babies while outside. These pet carriers now come in stylish looks that even matches you and your pets personalities and style. 

Some celebrities even get a branded pet carrier for their lovely pets to show their love and affection to them without sacrificing their security and comfort while enjoying public places.

Make it Fun for Them

While in the outside, it’s not always for them to go out. What better way to give them an enticing moment while you and your loved ones are enjoying the Valentine’s Day than providing your pets with some toys.

Anything that they can chew of scratch with definitely look like a toy to them, so whether it’s a chewable bone, a plush toy or a yarn that nimble, your fur babies will find a way to kill their boredom. 

I love seeing cats and little puppies carrying some bells around their neck as well as neckerchief that add style and cuteness to them.

A Perfect Treat for Them and For You
With the changes brought by the pandemic, I’m pretty sure that people now learn to stock food and other essential things in homes for their families. Of course, this also includes pets and other essential for your pets! We even learned to wait for the sale season or periods to restock our supplies to avail discounts and freebies.

This Valentine’s Day, Pedigree launches on Shopee its Pedigree Puppy Kit. This puppy kit comes in bundle and complete with  everything that can provide joy and love to your pets.

It contains the following product that your puppies with love:

  1. PEDIGREE Dog Food Wet Puppy Chicken Liver and Egg With Vegetable 80 g 6 Pouch: Helps maintain dog bone health, strength, and builds proper digestion and nutrition needed for dogs.
  2. PEDIGREE Dentastix Dog Treats Puppy 56g: Scientifically proven to reduce the build-up of tartar by up to 80% and supports gum health for dogs. 
  3. Pedigree Dog Food Puppy Mini Milk 1.3Kg: Contains DHA for brain development, Fiber for healthy digestion, and Calcium for growth development. 

So, while we plan out night-out with our family and friends, keep in mind that tagging along your fur babies needs some additional attention for everyone to enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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