Healthy and Happy Hearts for Everyone with Shopee’s Valentine’s Deals

This Valentine’s Day will be surely special for most people as quarantine levels in key areas including in Metro Manila, were eased out due to the decreasing cases of COVID-19. With establishments slowly and safely reopening their doors again to more customers, many restaurants are will be surely packed with couples celebrating the date of romance and love.

For some couples who are still worried about going out and exposing themselves to others, these V-Day Ideas might help you on how can you celebrate this lovely day with a healthy and happy hearts.

Kilig Binge-watching
These past months, with the surge of Omicron in Metro Manila, I always find myself glued to my smart TV at home watching some really, really comforting TV series, both English and Korean. There are hundreds of great new shows to catch this season, including my favorite girls from the defunct HBO show, Sex and the City. Bringing Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (hopefully, even Samantha, too) back to life, HBO revamped SATC with “And Just Like That…” This is something that I’m really looking forward since last year as Carrie is one of the many reasons why I love to write now. “And Just Like That…” stories focus on love, love and love, which I’m pretty sure that whether you are single or in a relationship, this show will provide you with new inspiration in life that you can share to your family and friends.

Did you know that you now avail HBO Go subscription on Shopee? For only PHP299, you can get a 3-month subscription on HBO Go, which will allow you access to thousands of great movies and hottest TV series. If you are feeling magical, I bet you and your loved ones can also enjoy doing a Harry Potter marathon, including its 20Th anniversary special, which was streamed last January 1. Meanwhile, if you are on a budget or just wanna try HBO Go first in a month, there’s also 1-month subscription available, and its only PHP149.00 only. For this Valentine’s weekend, I was told that there’ll be a 30% discount promo coming, so you better stay tune on HBO Go Shopee shop this weekend.

Test Those Hearts
Doing healthy exercise routines with your special someone make every sweat worthy and fun. With the growing number of celebrity couples sharing on their social networking sites their exercise routines and dance moves, I bet that you and your love ones are now inspired to join the healthy movement.

Cardio exercises provide many benefits not only to our physical but al also to our mental health at these helps lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, improve workout efficiency, lower cholesterol, decrease risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, promote other heart-healthy habits and reduce the incidence of heart arrhythmia, like atrial fibrillation.

For fun cardio exercises, doing Jump Ropes could be a great exercise for our hearts. Aside from being an efficient cardio, Jumping Ropes also provides total-body strengthening, boosts bone density, increases agility, improves coordination, trains power and enhances balance. Aside from that, Jumping Rope also provide mental benefits such as this can be meditative, it improves spatial awareness and it is good, old-fashioned fun.

For those who prefer running or jogging, this exercise is equally beneficial especially if done right. Some of the health benefits of running and jogging includes building strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness. For those who opt to run using a treadmill, it is highly suggested that one should at least run not lesser that 30 minutes to maintain burning plenty of kilojoules and help keep a healthy weight.

This Valentine’s Day, Kemilng, a sport shop on Shopee, is set to make our hearts beat faster with excitement as their offer an as much as 92% discount on their products this season. From their affordable yet compact home workout equipment to accessories, you’ll be checking out these in no time. I read in the reviews, Kemling delivers fast, so if you are still thinking of a way to celebrate this lovely season or just looking for a nice gift to your partner this Valentine’s Day, giving him/her a gift to improve his/her health is something that could make one’s heart really happy and healthy.

For more Valentine's Day Deals that you'll love, you can always visit Shoppe! Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Stay safe!

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