#AlexReviews: OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds

With the changes happening around us, sometimes it is always best to disconnect from the things around us to find peace and harmony within ourselves. The outside world can be cruel and noisy at times and sometimes the best quick solution from these miseries is just open your music player and tune in to your favorite relaxing playlist.

Thankfully, since the pandemic started, I have slowly created some playlists that would help me cope with our current situation and inspire me to move forward and just be happy. While some may find this very hard to do, there are some applications that automatically prepared such playlist for the convenience of their customers. May it be Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Prime Music, I’m sure that you’ll find something interesting and soothing to your taste and need.

What better way to enjoy these moments that having a reliable and convenient audio piece that provide outstanding experience topped with convenience and style.

OPPO recently launched its latest innovation, the OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds that aims to give its user a convenient music experience that never drops.

Designed to provide maximize audio experience, the new OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds comes in a an in-ear design that weighs 4.4 grams each earbud for conveniently small and ultra-light experience. It is made to seal out external noise to share a more immersive experience boast with its 8mm dynamic drivers with titanium-plated composite diaphragms for a more enhanced bass, while extending the reach of high frequencies for an ultra-clear audio.

The new OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip that boosts resistance to signal interference providing simultaneous transmission that results to lower latency and more stable connection. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, a single charge can provide its users of up to 5 hours of playback time without the charging case, or 20 hours with it. With just a 15-minute charge, it can provide of almost an hour of playback time for more relaxing moment even at your busiest schedule.

The exquisite earbud design conforms perfectly to the shape of the human ear to give that ultimate comfort and secure fit. Both earbuds offer a noise cancellation feature during calls that reduces unwanted noise from your surroundings wherever you might be. And if you think that you can only use this accessory on your quiet time, fitness enthusiast can also find enjoyment on this W11 headphones as it also features IP55 dust and water resistant. So, whether you're sweating it out in the gym or caught in the rain, this headphone will provide you companionship that you’ll surely cherish.

And since this OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds was released along with OPPO A55 Smartphone, you can expect intelligent touch controls features from it that provides breeze of use. Through a single tap, you play or pause your music, while you skip tracks with a double tap.

So, if you find that you need to escape, no need to stress yourself. All you need to do is to open your favorite playlist, place your OPPO Enco W11 Wireless Earbuds, and let those music fill your world.

Stay safe and happy, everyone!


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