AirAsia Philippines’ SimplyFly Leverages Digital Reach for Information Dissemination

Filipinos have proven time and again that they are among the world’s top digital citizens, growing hours spent online every year consuming content on various interests – travel included. Given this and the perpetually changing dynamics in travel and aviation, AirAsia Philippines has launched its SimplyFly: Traveling Made Simple online information campaign. 

A total of 765 of the respondents in a recent survey commissioned by AirAsia prefer getting news and information on travel via social media platforms while 61 percent rely on online news channels. TV still has a good share of the audience as 68 percent of respondents still tune in to their favorite telecasts for travel information. 

Sitting at the top spot of most-visited websites and platforms is Facebook with 96 percent of respondents logging into their feeds regularly, followed by YouTube at 80 percent. Behind these are TikTok and Instagram, visitors of which constitute  43 and 41 percent of the respondents. 

AirAsia Philippines, coming from the first airline group in  ASEAN to truly embrace digitalization, has always leveraged the reach of its digital and social channels to keep its guests abreast with the latest information crucial to their travel experience.  

SimplyFly: Traveling Made Simple

The AirAsia ‘Simply Fly: Traveling Made Simple’ campaign boasts a cadence of online content carefully curated to make access to vital travel information – including restrictions, requirements, and even tips and hacks – easier for airasia guests. By simply searching for #airasiaSimplyFly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, guests will be able to view easy-to-digest social posts that detail the latest in travel. 

AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla shares: “The ‘normal’ defined by the pandemic is one that is bound to continue changing for some time. And the key to achieving agility and adaptability during this time is easy access to the information we need. We have millions of followers on our social media channels so we want to make sure they are up-to-date on all things travel through our SimplyFly Campaign.”

This information campaign was launched in January as the Philippines grappled yet again with another surge in COVID-19 cases, causing another change in travel protocols, restrictions and requirements. Through the SimplyFly campaign, AirAsia hopes to make traveling easier for its guests in spite of the recalibrating environment. 

AirAsia Philippines is also maximizing its other digital channels to help spread travel information. Its Fly Safe webpage is regularly updated following new ordinances and regulations promulgated by local and national government units. Statements and news stories on recent updates may also be viewed in the airasia Newsroom. Moreover, the airasia Super App displays information from the Simply Fly Campaign. And in the spirit of building a stronger online community, it also hosts interactions amongst  AirAsia guests geared towards knowledge-sharing and answering FAQs. 

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