Pink Power for your Kids this Christmas!

For years and years now, the color pink has been a symbol of beauty and charm. Many people now, men and women alike, find this color attractive as in symbolizes youth, good health and even playfulness. For most, pink gives that empowerment feeling making it a symbol of strength and romance at the same time.

No wonder, for this season, HUAWEI, one of the world’s greatest innovators, launches HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro in PINK! A color that is mostly associated to baby girls, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is the latest mobile product from HUAWEI that lets kids and parents connect anytime, anywhere.

PINK Four Pro!
When I was a kid, I’m a big fan of the superhero show Bio-Man. This is a five-member group originated in Japan who helps in saving the world from out-of-this world creatures. There’s Red One, Green Two, Blue Three, Yellow and Pink Five. With Pink being the last member and stand for the number 5, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro comes first with innovative style and features that will surely delight kids and parents alike.

For instance, when my 9-year-old niece, Elaisha, gets a grip on this amazing smart watch, she says that it feels like it is mean for little girls her to like “edgy-kikay” stuff. “It’s nice that it’s color pink, because it suits my style. I love pink because its is feminine and it’s easy to wear now. Being a Black Pink fan as well, this Pink smart watch is all I want for Christmas!” Elaisha shared.

In terms of edginess, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro shares that classic look that has functionality of the future. The side of the watch carries LED lights that serves as notification light in case of emergency, while the buttons serve as tool for other fun activities that you can do while wearing it such as fun exercises and swimming. Speaking of swimming, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro has a water proof feature up to 50 meters.
Connected as Ever
Now that kids are allowed again to go out, having you kids wear the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro could give you peace of mind when you are outdoors since it has a GPS that could accurately give you the location of your kids.

The HUAWEI Watch Kids has also a 4G voice and HD Video Calls as well as  85-degree wide-angle selfie camera that can used both for fun and bonding moments with family and friends or even during an unwanted happening. Smart gadgets connected to it such as HUAWEI smart phones, MatePad and MateBook and can access the camera even without tapping any buttons on the watch, which comes handy for parents who’s main purpose of getting this HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is for their kid’s entertainment and safety.
The Playful Part
It was my niece who told me that when you have friend who shares the same watch, they could also play some mobile games at the same time through their smart watches or even find more friends with it.

“Though, there are still not much game for groups, this watch is more than just an accessory to me now, it’s a gadget that can help and keep me away from boredom,” Elaisha added.
Aside from PINK, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is also available in BLUE, so just in case your little boys prefer other colors, they can still enjoy this latest innovation from HUAWEI.
To know more about HUAWEi Watch Kids 4 Pro, you may visit You can purchase it in-store or through HUAWEI’s online channel such as HUAWEI Consumer StoreShopee and Lazada.
So, if you are looking for Christmas kids for your kids or godchildren this Christmas, and you are feeling a little generous, I highly suggest that you gift them with this latest HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro!
Happy Holidays, everyone!

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