#AlexReviews: HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro

Now, that the National Government has allowed kids to go out and enjoy once again the beauty of their environment, I’m pretty sure that parents and guardians, like me, are excited to bring their kids somewhere fun. But before we all do that, let’s keep in mind that we are still in pandemic and we might need to double check their safety and protection outside.

For those who are already thinking of how to keep your young ones safe while having the best time of their lives outside, HUAWEI Philippines recently launched in the local market the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro - a smart and dynamic gadget that is set to provide enjoyment and monitoring system for parents and kids who are excitedly waiting to explore and have fun outside of their homes.

My 8-year-old niece with her new HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro
Playful Design for Kids and Kids at Heart
A reminiscent of the cool watches that I had when I was still a kid, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro sports a child-friendly look that fits to the child’s liking with LED lights that will surely captivate their attention. The bezels are manufactured through a non-conductive vacuum plating process, highlighting the metallic texture and shine, while the unique LED lights are placed on either side of the smartwatch with a space-themed animated watch face, which flashes in a breathing rhythm.

Meanwhile, HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro also boasts with high-res 341 PPI through its 1.41-inch AMOLED display providing  kids better view of the display even under the sun or at night without hurting their eyesight.

If I were a kid again, I'm pretty sure that I'll ask my parents to buy me one of this watches mainly because of its flashing lights that are a big hit back in the 90's. The wonderful look and the changeable faces make this watch much more cooler than expected providing kids with some great style and activity that they could play with while at home or outdoors.

One thing that I'm hoping HUAWEI would improve in the future is the sim card slot, which I find off or might be risky for some kids, who tends to be too playful at times.

Great Connectivity for Fun Experience
Meanwhile, for its main purpose, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is not just your ordinary watch as it offers a much wider range of connectivity for parents and their children to enjoy. Aside from being a smart watch designed for kids, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro offers connectivity beyond imagination through the HUAWEI ecosystem. So, whether you are using a HUAWEI smartphone or laptop, you can easily connect this watch to your gadgets for an immersive experience that will give you ease, convenience and entertainment at the same time.

Aside from that, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro also offers a wider range of frequency bands for more stable connectivity and compatibility. It adopts the HUAWEI's smart network selection algorithms that intelligently detect the optimal network in the current environment and stay connected to it providing stable network connection. 

The HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is designed with reference to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enabling strict data encryption and privacy protection both for kids and their parents. Moreover, with the 5MP front camera, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro provides HD video calls through HUAWEI MeeTime. This camera comes with an 85-degree wide angle camera fitted with a large aperture of f/2.2 that enables its user to take selfies with more family and friends in one frame. Not only that, even in back lit environments, the smartwatch can capture clear images providing its users an intelligent image-capturing experience. Thanks to its ambient light sensor (ALS) and UV sensor features that identify and record the total time in the sunlight. 

Want to customize your images? Since this is made for kids, HUAWEI maximize the enjoyment with its motion-tracking stickers that users can choose from adding fun and creativity in every shot. Meanwhile, through this device's VoLTE HD voice call, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro also supports clear and stable voice calls providing parents and kids a high-definition video call  and voice call experience.

And if you think this device will limit your kids activity, you are wrong. The HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is equipped with a 5ATM water-resistant design making it a perfect companion for outdoor activities, most specifically swimming. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters, with no worries on the buttons on the side as this smart watch provides an enclosure design that has passed HUAWEI's strict waterproof tests.

For other physical activities, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro also comes with a counting feature and one-min activity challenge, which are designed perfectly for more intense physical activities such as skipping rope, sit-ups, and whole lot more. If you want to put some challenge or friendly competition among your kids, this smartwatch is also deigned to track users’ steps and provide a ranking which will improve their perseverance and ability to strive harder. Additionally, your kids can also use the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro to connect with friends or new acquittances by simple shaking their watch next to a kid with HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro as well.

And just like your kids, the HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is also packed with great energy namely 800mAh large capacity battery. This supports a 2-day long battery life in typical circumstances, while its fast charging technology provides its user with maximize convenience providing 50% charge in just 20 minutes.

Made with Safety and Security Features
HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro carries the brand’s own self-developed network positioning services that intelligently and accurately obtain the optimal location. Thanks to its GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, A-GPS, WLAN positioning, base station positioning, indoor positioning, accelerometer-assisted positioning accuracy made this gadget be more than what it is needed.

As added safety and security feature of this smart watch, HUAWEI equipped it with unique LED light that is fitted in the body of the watch and provides illumination and warning in case of emergency. To activate the SOS Emergency Call function, kids can just long-press the watch’s FUN button for five seconds. The smart watch will immediately call the administrator of the app and send a real-time photo of the user's location. Aside from that, parents and guardians can also manage their child’s contacts as an administrator, which will allow them to set the watch to reject and automatically block calls from unknown or unregistered person.

Currently, HUAWEI Watch Kids 4 Pro is available in Blue and Pink, and retailed at PHP9,999. (PHP8,999 this 11.11 Sale) This is available at HUAWEI Consumer Store, Shopee and Lazada.

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