365-Day Journey of Faith and Grace

With his continued success in life, be it in career, family and business, award-winning Chief Finance Officer (CFO) Ray Cauilan Berja shares his secret in powering through life’s challenges during the time of the pandemic through his book entitled  “Faith and Grace Everyday."

Berja- the FinTech CFO of the year and best Aviation CFO of the Global CFO Excellence Awards in 2019 and 2020 wrote and published his first book which depicts a walkthrough of his life devotion.

CFO Ray Berja said, “We rely on grace for everything that we need, but I believe that faith should come first and grace is the response. God’s response of grace is all shown through Jesus Christ, all that we need to be empowered and enriched in life is inferior to this. The pandemic has become our equalizer. Regardless of our life status, we were all in a parallel situation. We are all confronted with the world’s realities of pressure and challenges but the reality of God’s word too is that, there is enough grace that God will dispense in our everyday life so that we are enriched and empowered to be a blessing to the people around us.” 

Running an airline business, Berja believes that skills alone could not help him thrive. Without faith, eventually he would be burnt-out. But Berja found his strength as he held-on tight on his faith from God, and continuously shared his received graces to colleagues and business leaders alike. 

Berja began writing his book sometime 2017, and has found the inspiration to complete most of its content at the onslaught of the pandemic. He said it has become his go-to source of inspiration during the most challenging times in his career as an airline CFO, and that it might also be a source of motivation for others as we recover from the ongoing global health crisis.

He said unlike other devotion books, Faith and Grace will allow you to start anytime, any day of the year at your own pace. It’s a quick read of about 2 minutes or less as you start your day. A minute devotion everyday will hopefully provide a fresh perspective of hope, faith and grace. 

“No matter when you start, it’s a 365-page journey which guides the reader in living life with a purpose. I hope that with this book, every reader can have a little bit more life and hope each day as we embrace the new normal. Life could be harder but days will surely get better. It’s just a matter of perspective”, he added.

Interested readers can now avail this book for only PHP250 online and will soon be made available in leading bookstores nationwide. 

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