Dru Chen Releases Indie Pop Single “Our Story”

This August, Australian artist-producer Dru Chen will be dropping a 4-track EP containing 2 new tracks – ‘Our Story’ and ‘Hold You,’ and 2 re-released tracks – ‘Eiffel Tower’ and ‘Replay.’ The focus track, ‘Our Story,’ is an indie-pop song dealing with all facets of the human experience and the yearning for acceptance that we all seek. As Dru aptly puts it, “When the people have gone and left the party, and you’re all alone once again; how do you cope with the emptiness?”

Listen to Our Story

At first listen, the track’s production portrays a kind of quiet joy - one that you feel when hanging out with friends you've known for years. With its cascading rhythm and sweet guitar chords, it’s difficult not to find yourself doing the signature TikTok hand-to-chest, head nod routine. However, when you give the lyrics a closer listen, we hear a deeper meaning - one about solitude and the introspection that comes along with it.

‘Our Story’ was written by Joel Tan, Paul McMurray and Dru Chen, and produced by the artist himself. As shown in this verse, “Drowning in sorrows / Is not for tomorrow / When laughter is borrowed / It’s no fun at all”, ‘Our Story’ is the answer to the truth and hurt you're seeking to overcome. With patience and understanding for the self, it is possible for us to reset on the mistakes we’ve made in the past. We can’t make sense of our breakdowns, but we can slow it down, let it ride and come back to ourselves.

“This song was my way of dealing with that feeling - that existential dread. It felt like therapy writing this song,” shares Dru, and we hear that clearly in the production. The distinct guitar chords and subtle percussion that punch through the hook helps listeners absorb the subject matter in a light-hearted way. It makes you feel like even when you're in your bedroom alone with the headphones on, you feel safe knowing you have the unconditional love and acceptance of your family, friends and community close to your heart.

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