ShopeePay Helps Brands Transition to Digital Payments

Today, more Filipinos use alternative payment methods such as online banking and mobile wallets in their everyday lives. With this rising new trend, brands like SEAOIL, Novo Department Store, Potato Corner, and many others partnered with ShopeePay, Shopee’s mobile wallet, to seamlessly adapt to the change to provide better service to their customers.

About 39 million people make digitally-enabled payment transactions globally, and in the Philippines, about 30 percent of Filipinos aged 16-64 are now using mobile payment services each month. With the expected increase in digital payments worldwide in the coming years, local brands share how they’re maximizing mobile wallets like ShopeePay to adapt to the current trend.

Filipino-owned fuel company SEAOIL continued operations despite a significant decrease in transactions during the pandemic. They kept most of their stations open,  doing their part in ensuring that essential workers reach the destinations where they are needed. They also implemented safety protocols immediately to keep their customers safe. They improved the variety of contactless payment options at their stations as these became a crucial safety measure to protect both frontliners and customers amidst the pandemic.
Through their partnership with ShopeePay, SEAOIL increased its digital online presence and successfully captured the consistently growing active users on ShopeePay. The partnership also boosted transactions at their gas stations through promos that allowed users to redeem discounts and coins cashback. Through ShopeePay, they reached out to more consumers and provided greater rewards and a safer option to gas up.
Jose Jaime V. Dela Fuente, Vice President for Corporate and Consumer Marketing at SEAOIL, said, “We commend ShopeePay for its initiatives to encourage Filipino motorists like SEAOIL customers to shift to contactless payment - the safer way to pay. Our partnership with Shopee is in line with our #FuelPHtoRecovery campaign, which aims to help establish a better new normal for our stakeholders, mainly by providing opportunities to save on fuel expenses while keeping them protected against COVID-19. We look forward to more co-marketing initiatives with ShopeePay to maximize benefits for our customers.”
Potato Corner
Potato Corner, a known brand for flavored fries, faced plenty of difficulties last year but found a way to bounce back. As most stores open for business, they welcomed different methods to distribute their products and partnered with mobile wallets such as ShopeePay to offer users an alternative payment method to help lessen direct contact between staff and customers. With fewer movement restrictions now, the number of transactions in their stores has since increased. This contributed a lot to the brand as it rebounds from the closure of some stores due to quarantine.
Jen Merana, Business Channel Officer at Potato Corner, said, “At Potato Corner, we strive to explore every possible strategy to keep the business going and growing. Adapting to the current digital trends shows our commitment to serve our customers and prioritize their safety and our employees. ShopeePay provided Potato Corner a great opportunity to promote the brand during this time, and we are hopeful that it will help us recover from the repercussions of the pandemic.”
Novo Department Store
Like most business establishments, Novo Department Store closed its stores and halted operations when the government implemented the Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ). Despite the setback, they adapted to the circumstances and created effective plans to benefit their staff and customers. In the middle of the pandemic last year, they joined Shopee to reach their loyal customers, including new customers who were at home.
With a new perspective combined with proven strategies from the past, they embraced digital payments as a step towards innovation. Even with various digital payment platforms in the market, Novo Department Store prefers ShopeePay as it has the same values and vision as their company - to better Filipino’s lives.
Janry Cua, Marketing Manager at Novo Department Store, said, “We are excited for this new partnership with ShopeePay, and we look forward to what they have in store for us. ShopeePay has made our customers’ shopping experience in Novo easier, safer, and more convenient. ShopeePay has provided us a platform and visibility for showcasing our products which can improve and better the lives of Filipino families nationwide.”
Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “ShopeePay is pleased to partner with SEAOIL, Novo Department Store, and Potato Corner to provide both users and brands with an easy payment alternative. With the nation pushing for a cashless, contactless society, we aim to collaborate with more brands to give the local community a seamless and secure online payment experience through ShopeePay.”

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