Fern-D: Sunshine on Top Of All World Brands

There’s a huge cloud of anxiety that has been looming above the earth for a whole year now. The outdoors has become an unsafe place, and everyone has been stuck at home since. To save ourselves from contagious health risks, we chose to give up the outdoor sun that used to be part of our daily routine.

In the midst of it all, we still believe that sunshine is a need, and we ought to get it.

Your daily dose of sunshine—even without the sun. 

FERN-D has always been a household name as a Vitamin D supplement in the Philippines. With its premium quality at an affordable price, Filipinos can get their daily Vitamin D fix even without stepping outside. This is why people have grown to love this “sunshine vitamin.” 

This brand love has birthed fruitful results. FERN-D received the Brand of the Year Award for the Vitamins and Supplements Category in the 2020-2021 World Branding Awards. This prestigious award is not just any other award a brand could get—it is a worldwide recognition, nominated by over 250,000 consumers across the globe. 

FERN-D has won the award by leading the numbers according to brand valuation, consumer market research, and public online voting. The consumer votes constitute seventy percent of this scoring process, proving that the brand is indeed voted by the people who receive and experience its quality.

A ray of sunshine amidst any weather.
In a time when the global economic landscape was greatly disrupted, the efforts and initiatives of brands to remain distinct and relevant are testament to the creativity and innovation they bring to the table. 

“The Awards are an acknowledgment of the tireless effort of the teams that build and maintain their brand presence in an ever-changing market,” said Richard Rowles, Chairman of the World Branding Forum.

IFern CEO and President Tommanny Tan receives 
the Brand of the Year Award 2019  in Kensingtong Palace, London

Indeed, the success of FERN-D is a team effort. “Sharing Prosperity Through Global Entrepreneurship” is a philosophy that Mr. Tommanny Tan, President and CEO of I-FERN, lives by. By guiding, mentoring, and giving a business opportunity to people who came from humble beginnings, I-FERN has since produced entrepreneurs who carry the company’s legacy while spreading good health with products like FERN-D. 

Winning the Brand of the Year Award for two consecutive years now proves the success that FERN-D continues to build - all by staying true to its promise to be a daily dose of sunshine for the Filipino market.

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